Organising the Chaos

I often describe my life  as organised chaos. I’m a too-busy mama with too many to-do lists and not enough hours in the day!  Sometimes the result is a big, full, happy, satisfying week.  At other times though, the result is a frazzled mother, cranky kids and a messy home.  I’m always inspired by other women who are still busy, yet manage to calm the chaos. Nicole Avery is one of those women.  She is a spreadsheet queen, mum of five,well known blogger and now author! Yes, the Planning With Kids blog is now a book.

The book  is full of advice, suggestions, and tried-and-true ideas.  In addition to her own thoughts, Nicole has included quotes from mums and mummy-bloggers all over the country. Yours truly is featured in Part I (p4) in the chapter on Routines and their importance in family life.  I am NOT, however, offering any advice in the following chapters meal planning, or spreadsheeting your family finances!

Part II contains great common-sense advice for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children. I enjoyed reading this section and found myself nodding along much of the way.  I also picked up some wonderful tips from Nicole, and from the other quoted mums with children a little older than mine. There is always something we can learn from those who have gone before us.

Part III is about prioritising yourself, and your relationship with your husband (or partner).  Nic sets ten personal goals for herself every year, and holds herself accountable to them too! She also makes time each week to go to the gym, spend time blogging, and even schedules a Sunday sleep in.  She also has some really worthwhile advice to share about keeping your marriage strong while raising kids.  Part IV is all about family fun!

This Friday, 10th June, Nicole is flying up from Melbourne to my sunny home town of Brisbane. She will be appearing at Westfield Chermside, 10am at Dymocks, to sign copies of her book.

I know she would love to meet lots of her Brissy readers and it would be great to see you there. We won’t be hard to find. She’ll be the one sitting at an organised desk with copies of her book, spare pens, bloggy business cards in one pocket and bandaids in the other. I’ll be the one beside her with frazzled hair…

10 thoughts on “Organising the Chaos

  1. would love to but will be at MOPS (on my 40th bday – and no doubt NOT very organised at all….. ) I will probably have raced out the door, left the house a total mess, dishes in the sink, beds unmade, scrambled to get Year one child off to school as close to on time as possible (hopefully BEFORE the second bell), no doubt left something behind and have to head back home and be making up what i am meant to be talking about on the way all the while scrubbing peanut butter off my jeans and weetbix out of my hair and wondering where my 4 year olds other shoe is and wondering if i can get away with him wearing his sisters pink gumboots instead. Does she have a chapter on that?

  2. I think I need that book…organised chaos…sounds great!
    (and I need all the help I can get!!!) hahaha

  3. I need this book! I use my domestic chaos as an excuse to exit the house and get outdoors with the kids as often as possible. It would be even better if I could have my cake and eat it too. Particularly interested in a book like this written by a mummy blogger rather than someone whose life revolves around organising and having a perfect home. I definitely need to get better at balancing everything I’m trying to do at the moment!

  4. Wow, that sounds like a great book, I think Nicole could be my mentor! By the way, I have just stumbled upon your blog and think its terrific, have just started one myself and thought you might be interested in a post I did yesterday (since you are a bird nerd), if you have a chance to read it.:-)

  5. I REALLY wanted to make it to Chermside today. But someone came a little early, so we are at home trying to remember what sleep is like! Hope it’s a wonderful day.

  6. My next blog is right on this topic–Self Organization. To all those frazzled mums out there, here’s a chance to grab a free inspirational read. Pop in to my new blog to see the details when you’ve finished reading this much needed book.

  7. I plan to buy this book next time I am in Australia- I have read so many great reviews and of course love the blog associated with it!

    ps: Sorry, this is based on your other post about Dirtgirl and playing outside- I didn`t want to comment there as I am no longer an Australian resident. I totally agree with you on playing outside during the cold weather- over the winter my older son got completely rugged up and played in the snow for the first time. We don`t see a lot of snow here in Chiba but we had a bit over the winter and it was nice for him to experience it. On the non snowy days he still enjoyed digging in the dirt in my in-laws garden and picking flowers. I saw dirtgirl for the first time when I was home in Australia over the summer- fab show! I hope my kids get into it when they are a bit older. From memory it was an Australian program right? The accents sounded Aussie- which I love! My boys only hear an Australian accent (and English in general) from me so when they do watch dvd`s I prefer them to be Australian based!

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