Samuel's Kisses Book Review

What an absolute delight it was to be at Karen Collum‘s book launch today to celebrate her debut picture book, Samuel’s Kisses (New Frontier Publishing).  A truly heart warming tale, Samuel’s Kisses is an early childhood story beautifully illustrated by Serena Geddes.  Samuel blows kisses to unhappy shoppers with surprising, and entertaining results.  The uncomplicated plot makes for a feel-good story that is sure to be a hit with preschoolers, and Mums!  There are obvious opportunities for interaction between parent and child when reading, and the book also lends itself well to simple innovations on the text.  I predict Samuel’s Kisses will become a bedtime favourite.

At the launch today, we…

Caught up with Karen (author) and Serena (illustrator).

Made sure our book was autographed.

Listened to Karen read Samuel’s Kisses.

Enjoyed activities and explored the grounds of the gorgeous Marks & Gardner cafe gallery

(with the real Samuel!)

Gave kisses to Karen too!!

Oh, and one more thing I did was to ask Karen and Serena to sign a copy of Samuel’s Kisses for YOU.  Yes, one very lucky SquiggleMum reader will receive a signed, hard cover copy of this delightful picture book.  To enter, leave a comment below sharing how you let your kids know you love them. Do you blow kisses? Have a special saying? Write them notes? Sing to them? One entry per person please. Aussie residents only. Comp closes 6pm Saturday 19th Feb, Qld time.

If you’d like to hear more from Karen, you can find her on facebook or twitter.

*I received a copy of Samuel’s Kisses courtesy of my friends at New Frontier Publishing.

*   *   *


Congratulations to the random winner: Trish.

Everyone else… go and buy a copy!! Karen & Serena’s book is gorgeous.

25 thoughts on “Samuel's Kisses Book Review

  1. gorgeous. before I leave for work 3 times a week, I must kiss my children, hug my children, high five my children and do a quick pinky shake. This is necessary for me to leave the house!

  2. No matter where we go or where we are, I must give my kids a hug and kiss and tell them i love them. During the day, I’d say every hour I tell them I love them and they say it back……. the best time is before bed, we cuddle, wrestle, hug and say I love you to them. They love it and look forward to spend that 20-30mins cuddling before bed.

  3. Oh my, that book just delightful. I will have to purchase a copy.

    In our house we give lots of hugs and time.
    Each morning when the kids wake up they get a cuddle and we talk about how their sleep was. I try and make them feel like this time is just so important and nothing gets in the way.

    As a mother at times we can have trouble just stopping everything we are doing and give our kids 100% of our attention.

    I also give them a special hug at night time and tell them to have the sweetest dreams

  4. We love to spend time blowing raspberries on on each others tummies, to start the giggles and then lots of little kisses on the cheek, followed by whispers of “I love you”…

  5. Lots of love in our house too! Just before I leave the girls room, after storytime, I always say “I love you my girls!” It used to be “I love you my baby” but now I have two!

  6. Dubbie Dub – I don’t really know where this saying came from, a little friend who was trilingual and made up a lot of words I think – but it is our way of saying I love you to each other. My favourite are whispered secret Dubbie Dubs!

  7. When my little boy (2yrs) is a bit overwhelmed or tired, he snuggles up on my lap and we sing “Skidamarinky-dinky-dink, skidamarinky-do, I love you!”
    Recently I’ve been rewarded with a big sloppy kiss (on the lips of course!) “Luv-ooo Mummy!” :-)

    I think he would love this book as he enjoys saying “Hello” to everyone he sees at the supermarket too!

  8. There is a special spot on my son’s face that he knows is just mummy’s – when we can’t have a big kiss and cuddle (like in the olden days when he was strapped in the pram or nowadays when I drop him at school and he’s in front of all his friends) I rub that spot, he gives me a look and we both smile. I wonder how many people pick up on that special ritual we have – or whether they just think I’m wiping breakfast from his face?!

  9. Great to see the photo’s of Karen’s Book Launch of Samuel’s Kisses. I’m sure it was a beautiful day.

    It is timely today being Valentine’s day, a day to spread the love. Show the special people in your lives how much you love and care with a hug, or kiss or a big fat I Love You!

  10. I let my daughters know I love them by constantly hugging, kissing them and telling them I love them! I also find holding hands, even just walking around the house is a great way to feel close and loved.

  11. My 18-month-old and I have ‘kiss-and-tickle-cuddles’. He laughs and laughs and keeps signing ‘more’.

    His name is Samuel, so I will definitely get this book.

  12. Looks like a great book ! We have a few kiss-and-cuddle rituals in our house.

    Each night each child and adult must kiss, high-five and ning-a-nong (rub noses) everone else in the house before bed. Visitors are generally expected to participate ;)

    This is followed by saying ‘I love you too much’ to which we must respond ‘oh no, I love you too much’ and so on and so on until we collapse in cuddly, huggy laughter.

    We also blow kisses when leaving in the car (after the afore mentioned ritual has already taken place) and give lots of squeezy cuddles, too see who can squeeze the hardest.

    Makes me feel happy just thinking about it.

  13. I have a little game I play with my little boy, it goes a bit like this:
    Mummy loves you up (lift him up high)
    and Mummy loves you down (down low)
    Mummy loves you in (hold close)
    and Mummy loves you out (hold out from my body)
    Mummy loves you round and round and round (turn in circles) lots and lots and lots (cuddle).

    He laughs at this. But I think one day he’ll get too heavy, and/or not want such a big fuss made!

  14. So happy for Karen’s (and Serena’s) book launch, loved seeing the photos.

    Kisses and cuddles are always received and returned at my house, no matter what I’m doing. We like to have tickle fights and fall in a heap laughing together. We have lots of kisses and cuddles throughout the day. And I say ‘I love you’ several times a day to my kids just because. I never leave without a kiss and a cuddle and an ‘I love you’ and bedtime involves reading a book together, then kisses, cuddles and one last ‘I love you’.

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I once met an awesome illustrator and I was printing her work for her (I worked in a printing store). It killed me not to ask for her number but it was against company policy – illustrators are true treasures. As are authors, obviously.

    Looks like a fantastic book. We have so many ways to show our son we love him. I have a little “Briany Moo” song which I sing to him. I’ve just revived it and now he calls me “Mummy Noo Noo” when he wants to show a little more affection. We tell him daily how much we love him and today he finished the sentence for me, so I guess he knows just how much he is loved!

  16. My son loves to give me lots of kisses and always has, once I asked him what kisses mean to him and his 3 year old reply was… “kisses mean I love you”. When we are walking we also squeeze each others hands.. this is our secret “I love you” we save just for eachother!!

  17. We most often say “I love you”, accompanied with kisses and cuddles. Sometimes we just sit snuggled up, not saying anything at all. But, there is nothing better than hearing my 22 month old son say “I love you Mummy”. :)

  18. Oh, gosh! With 3 children under 6, I do all of the above. I am very conscious of being tactile with them whenever I can. They love it when I kiss them 50 times all over their faces before they go to bed. And our 18 month old Samuel would love this book! J x

  19. To explain how our signal developed would take too long but when I tap my chest 3 times with the tips of my fingers held together my children know that I am saying I love you. I can do this from across the room (especially if they are looking uncomfortable in a new situation) and they know what I am saying. They also return the sign which is lovely.
    I will keep an eye out for this book to purchase for my school library.

  20. Whenever my husband or I are departing the company of our four year old (drop off to preschool, duck into town for a few minutes etc) she gets the normal good bye cuddles and kisses. As we walk off she races back to us shouting at the top of her voice “Extra cuddles and kissies!!!”. I love this as she doesn’t care who hears her, it is really important to her. Just before we can no longer see her we sign to her “I love you” and she signs it back with the biggest smile. The best part is our 13 month old daughter is starting to do this too so we get twice the cuddle, kisses and smiles. Children bring so much joy!!

  21. It is such a beautiful book . Congratulations on the launch to Karen.

    I would love to win this for my Samuel, 4, a little boy with the biggest heart who blows kisses and waves them off the back of his hand to everyone even the Dentist and O.T. or the supermarket checkout lady !

    At FINAL bedtime goodnights – We ‘sign’ the I love you and have a good tickle or hug and they pull me down again.
    and I say God loves you. I often whisper to them I love you to the moon and back, and as much as all the stars too.They repeat it all muddled.

    We hug many times a day just for no reason or to say thank you. I love this age of happy cuddles.Now we draw pictures on the whiteboard of hearts and x (kisses)

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