The Perfect First Cut


1.  Invite the hairdresser to your house

2.  Let big sis go first so you can see it’s totally safe

3.  Pick the coolest cape

4.  Have your best buddy on hand for moral support

5.  Soak up the attention when Mummy says you’re handsome!

11 thoughts on “The Perfect First Cut

  1. Do it yourself even if you don’t know how to cut hair properly :-) Charlotte had her first professional haircut for the first time at 4 1/2 yrs, late last year.

    She has dead straight hair, so it’s difficult for me not being a hairdresser. It was cheap, Charlotte was very solemn and I took photo’s and saved some of her hair as I have with every cut and stayed close by encouraging her. My Dad was waiting in the wings, too.

    I’ll still keep doing them, but head to the hairdressers from time to time.
    .-= Christine Holroyd´s last blog ..The Kindergarten Year =-.

  2. Declan’s first cut went something like this:

    1. Sit in highchair, get very excited about the promise of chocolate.
    2. See Mummy coming towards you with a pair of scissors, remain calm until the first snip.
    3. Upon the first snip have a complete breakdown, start sobbing and scratching at your face demanding that you need to get in the shower because you’re unclean.
    5.Shout a little louder, let the entire neighbourhood know that you “NEED TO GET CLEAN NOW!!!!!” and oh god know, your chocolate has hair in it, the chocolate needs to GET CLEAN!!! too.
    6.Get in the shower and begin yet another meltdown when the hair washes into the drain, because now the shower needs to GET CLEAN!!! too.

    He’s due for another hair cut in the next month or so, wish us luck.
    .-= Fern´s last blog ..Gifts For The EcoBub =-.

  3. I have resisted having Immy’s hair cut for the longest time despite constant nagging from various family members, I mean it took her two years to grow the little she has! A girlfriend who cuts my hair recently convinced me to let her cut a tiny bit from the back to neaten it up, not sure that that counts as a haircut though!
    .-= Christie @ Childhood 101´s last blog ..The ABC of Child Care =-.

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