Big Boy Bed

As I write this post I have two sleeping kids – in their BEDS.  We dismantled the cot today, and my not-so-baby-boy is fast asleep in his big boy bed.  So far so good.  The only sound I’ve heard is snoring!

We talked a lot about the transition, so he was very well prepared for the move and very excited about it all.  He loves his new jungle quilt and striped sheets, he loves climbing up and down himself, and he just loved introducing his much loved bear to their new abode!  The first thing they did was lie down on the big new pillow together and pretend to sleep, then shout “Wake up!” and do it all over again.  Too cute.

To help with a smooth transition we also kept routine as normal as possible.  The bathtime-teethtime-storytime-prayertime-cuddletime-sleeptime routine is well established for both kids.  So tonight, everything was the same as normal, except that we had stories together on his new bed.

I was hoping we might be able to ditch the dummy with the cot.  I did give it a try but conceded defeat, as in all honesty it’s another familiarity which will aid the transition.  I guess he’ll give the dummy up when he’s ready.  Right??

I must admit I had a little sentimental moment today.  As we packed the cot away I realised that we are probably through the “baby phase” and are onto a new stage as a family.  I’m not sad really.  I love seeing my kids grow and change and embrace new things.  It’s just that they grow so fast.

I think I’ll go and check him one more time before I turn in myself.  It’s funny how he seems such a big boy in his bed, yet at the same time still so very little with all those covers around him!

22 thoughts on “Big Boy Bed

  1. That’s such a precious photo of his story time before his first sleep in his big bed! We have to start thinking about this too, as my little man is getting too big for his cot!

  2. Did the same thing a little while back now. Loving it no more calling out to wake me up he just comes down. and as for the dummy he will give it up when you are ready.

  3. You can NEVER check on them enough times – they are So darn cute when they are asleep, why would you want to miss seeing that ‘just once more’ :)
    Congratulations Big Squiggleboy (and mum of course)

  4. Huge step. Congratulations :)

    My oldest moved into a bed fairly easily at 2yo – she was more than ready for it and had been climbing out of the cot for a couple of weeks. Given she’d stopped day time naps at 1yo, it was a fairly simple nighttime transition.

    Younger child was much much harder and didn’t fully transition out of the cot until 3yo. Even then she wouldn’t sleep in the bed until we put boards all around the edges like a little fortress/mini cot. Was costly as we wanted to make sure it was safe for her to sleep like that. There are special suppliers who do these kind of things and thankfully it was partially funded by our autism outreach service.

  5. Congrats to both Reuben and you, Catherine. I know it’s a hard thing to come to grips with but you’ve done a wonderful job. His dummy will go when he’s ready for it to go. Allan watched his go with the garbage man. He loved watching them collect the bin with it in.

  6. So pleased for you that you managed to find a doona cover that wasn’t blue. I recall you attempting to search one out. Appears you were very successful!

  7. @Gayle
    Yes! I searched high and low for this quilt cover. I was happy to spend a lot more than I did, but when I saw this one at Spotlight I just grabbed it. It’s perfect for his jungle theme and leaf canopy.

  8. Oh, it’s such an exciting transition.
    The thing I love best is being able to sit on the bed with them for storytime and lying together for cuddles.
    Such a gorgeous room! :)
    .-= Thea´s last blog ..Mummy Heaven =-.

  9. Congratulations Cath. It was such a big deal for me to pack up Ed’s cot. It made me ask my hub if we could re-think the “no more kids” idea. I made the mistake of trying to give up cot and dummy together. I would never do that again. It made the transition much more difficult than it needed to be. Definitely keep the dummy until he is completely settled in his bed … that’s my advice, anyway.
    .-= Belinda´s last blog ..We Play – With a Mirror =-.

  10. That is a beautiful bed! I love the jungle theme. I love picking bright colours rather than just the traditional blue (or pink). Riley’s been in her toddler bed for over a year now – she hated the cot but I’m looking forward to getting her into a big bed so we can have story time actually on the bed. Not sure what the maximum weight is on the toddler one!

    I wouldn’t worry about the dummy. I still give Riley a bottle because she never took a dummy. She always brushes her teeth afterwards and although I’d like to get rid of it – it’s all about timing. Her 2 year molars having pushing through for months and I think getting rid of it will be a whole lot easier if I just wait for a bit.

    Great photos of your little man!
    .-= Zoey @ Good Goog´s last blog ..The Push and Pull of Independence =-.

  11. How funny that you blogged about this – we’re going through the same process at the moment. I’m trying to encourage him to start sleeping without a dummy, with the aim that he can move to his big boy bed once he can do that. It doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have any ideas on getting them off dummies? My son is three so he’s definitely ready to be weaned!

    PS – I love the bedroom decor :o)
    .-= Joni´s last blog ..Day 33- How Real Servants Act =-.

  12. What a gorgeous jungle bed cover! It’s nice to hear of other cot-to-bed transitions…. my little girl also went into a BIG bed this week. 1st night not so great, but it’s been ok since. The afternoon sleep is more of a struggle though!
    Leave the dummy for another day… plenty of time! :)
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..We Play – Rice- Lentils -amp Split Peas =-.

  13. Wow, you’re brave! I’ve still got my twins in their cots because I’m not looking forward to twice the ‘let’s play get out of bed’ game… And while they’re not climbing out I figure they’re still pretty safe in their cots. The room looks just beautiful.

    As for the dummy situation, our oldest had one that he was totally attached to (but only had for sleeping). In the end we just left it up to him, with a big dose of incentive in the form of a ‘big boy bike’. We had the bike in the house and told him it was his – as soon as he chose to be a big boy and get rid of his dummy. He was just over 3 at the time. He had a few false-starts but in the end it was he who decided to throw them in the bin and there wasn’t a tear in sight. Neither of my twins have dummies (not for my want of trying, I might add!!) so I guess we won’t have to deal with that with them. Baby #4 might be a different story :)
    .-= Karen Collum´s last blog ..Workshops 3 -amp 4 – Year of the Edit =-.

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