My Budding Birder

I’m a bit of a birder, and love teaching my kids about birds.  We love watching them together, mimicking their calls, taking photographs and even feeding them some times.  Since Thea’s five year old son tagged us for a kid-interview, I thought I’d ask my three year old about birds.

(Photos of Rainbow Lorikeets taken by my 3yr old with some Mummy-help)

What is your favourite bird?

Rainbow Lorikeets because they are so colourful.  Their other name is Trichoglossus Haemotodus.  They come to say good morning to me.  They sleep at night time.

Do you know about some birds that are awake at night time?

Hoot hoot – owls!  And Tooney (she meant Tawny) Frogmouths.

What do you know about nests?

Birds lay eggs in their nests.  Bower Birds even make special bowers and put blue things everywhere.

Do birds all have the same type of eggs?

No.  Eggs can be white, yellow, blue.  They can be spotty or zigzag-y.  They can be camouflaged so hungry foxes can’t find them.

Which bird has the best song?

I like Butcher Birds and Currawongs.

Can you tell me about this photo?

Me taking a photo of a rainbow lorikeet!  He was hiding.

Anyone else like to do a kid-interview on their blog?  I won’t tag anyone but feel free to join the fun. What topics interest your child?

11 thoughts on “My Budding Birder

  1. Thank you Cathy….what an enjoyable expierience…I used to love thaking my kids and the kids that I worked with on nature walks in the national Parks..we used to have a ball…Am I able to share this on my Blog…

  2. Ella (5) would love to do a kid interview and she will talk about ANYTHING : )

    Some topics close to her heart would be books, animals, sea creatures, “beetles bugs and butterflies” (thanks Lola Sonner) and ummm fairies and dancing (ballet/jazz)

  3. My Son (now 3) ADORES birds of all kinds – at the moment his favourite is also the Rainbow Lorikeet. He carried our copy of Simpson and Day’s book of Australian Birds everywhere for at least a year (and I mean EVERYWHERE). It is now in dire need of re-binding! The words: ‘Butcherbird, Magpie, Currawong’ will be forever etched in my mind as memories of the page order of this book and also of my little one and his love of the natural world around him.
    .-= Claudette´s last blog ..Three Little Words =-.

  4. Cath, I think this is the coolest idea ever — to interview your kid. I’m gonna have to steal this one & talk to my big explorer (5.5 yo) about his thoughts on nature & the great outdoors (my passion). BTW, your 3 yo is quite eloquent! :)

  5. Nice work, what on earth is Lil going to learn at school, I think she can just start out as the teacher. I know Zoe is planning on it.

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