Party Tips and Rainbow Birthday

This week on air with The Family Show on 96five I spoke about birthday parties, and shared my top tips for hassle-free parties.  If you missed it, here’s a summary for you:

  • Invitation etiquette usually becomes an issue at school age. Either limit the party to 2 or 3 “special friends”, or invite all of the girls/boys in the class, or invite everyone!
  • As well as stating a start time, include a finish time.  Two hours is usually long enough for a kids’ party.  Let parents know whether you would like them to stay for the duration of the party, and if siblings are invited.
  • Go for activities rather than games, especially for younger children. Three year olds will be engaged for much longer with playdough than with a pinata.
  • Try not to leave yourself with too much to DO during the party. You want to celebrate with your child.
  • Keep party bags simple!

Of course, the reason I was talking about parties was because my big girl turned FIVE!  She has been planning her rainbow birthday party for a looong time and it was so delightful to see her share the occasion with all of the girls from her prep class.  Here are a few colourful shots of the party:

The Rainbow Girl

And all the yumminess :-)

The Rainbow Food!

Do you have a top party tip to share?

14 thoughts on “Party Tips and Rainbow Birthday

  1. If you are having a big party with lots of people ask for guests to bring a plate of food instead of a present.
    The child’s nearest & dearest friends will still get them a present so they don’t miss out & you avoid spending weeks preparing food-everybody wins!
    A huge amount of presents can be overwhelming & less special but being able to have siblings & patents stay for a really big party is really fun!

  2. We have found party food very easy to organise if the party is either 10-12 or 3-5pm which means you put out a few party pieces (ie: Fairy Bread, Fruit, Chips, Biscuits, Dip/Cheese for the adults) and then fire up the BBQ for a sausage in bread (no other complicated pieces) and cake for dessert!

  3. Great ideas you shared and love the rainbow idea.
    Thank you.
    happy birthday to your gorgeous girl !

    I got small white card rectangular foodboxes for party plates from the local fish & chip shop ( they gave them to me but I would have paid) – for our 3rd birthdays.

    It stops food slipping off and they decorated them first – ours was as cars.

  4. The party looks great. I’m glad it went well. It’s great being able to see what you were describing. I love how the jellies turned out. Lily is looking so grown up. What a big girl she is becoming.

  5. Make the cake a few days ahead and freeze it straight out of the oven, it keeps it moist. Take it out the day before and decorate, place in fridge and presto the next day it is ready and soooo very yummy. (insiders secret ;) ) Parties after school from 3:30 for 1.5 hours are great. we have been to a few and they were all so hassle free. A cake and some popcorn kids played parents had coffee. I loved it. but being sick this year I opted for Hungry Jacks. But rather than leaving it to the 15 year old I sent out with the invites a little tick card for the option cheese or plain burger what drink etc. I tallied it up and presto the day went with out a hitch.

  6. Hey what a great day! Unfortunately I have no pearls of wisdom to add however, I must say, I love love love those jellies! And I also think the birthday girl’s skirt is AWESOME!!! Do they come in adult sizes? :D

  7. Your darling daughter must have had such a lovely birthday. The photos are stunning! My boys turn 5 and 7 in August and this is the first year I’ll be doing a “party” up til now we have had a birthday afternoon tea with family. I’m very big on simplicity..but this year there’s no getting away from organising party activities. We just need to decide on a theme:)

  8. Looks like she had a wonderful time.
    My only addition to invitation etiquette is to not give out the invitations at school UNLESS you are inviting the whole class.
    I also like having a theme to tailor the games/activities etc to the theme. EG for a princess theme you can “pass the crown” or some other royal item and they get to choose an item out of a bag every time music stops – saves you wrapping and wrapping! Internet gives lots of ideas these days. Decorating cupcakes is a favourite of mine too.

  9. Thanks so much to your party tips.Looks like your girl had a wonderful time.Now I want to have a rainbow party.Love your photos

  10. Bookmarking this one! My little (big boy) man is almost 3. Last year I had promised him a party for his third birthday and I’ve been collecting bits and bobs for it for a while now. With number 2 due on Brian’s birthday it has taken a back seat, but now Simon is here I had best get back to it! Have been thinking of ideas to keep the little party guests entertained – thank you for the tips.

    My biggest dilemma is the cake. I want a 3D Thomas cake with butter cream icing, but have NO IDEA how to do the face!

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