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After sharing the truth about our backyard I have been motivated to start transforming it into the garden we dream it can be.  We decided to start with the digging area.

As you might remember from my last post about the yard, we didn’t really want a sandbox as such.  Instead we opted to dig out an area which was already bordered on one side by rocks, and add rocks to the other sides.  We found a triangular shaped shade cloth for under $20 from our local hardware store which is perfect for a cover, so our sandpit is roughly triangular!  Two of the corners of the shade cloth are hammered into the ground with tent pegs, and one corner is easily unlooped.  It works perfectly.

The sandpit still isn’t quite finished.  You can see edges of weed mat peeking out and it needs more plants around it, but you get the idea.  And although I’d like it to be a  little more aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t make any difference to the kids who are just LOVING sand play.

So far they have tried:

  • digging holes
  • digging tunnels
  • making roads
  • making sand castles
  • drawing with sticks in the sand
  • burying objects
  • “finding” buried objects
  • hiding their feet
  • tasting it (my son needed to try it just once!)

Do your children have a sandpit, sandbox or digging area at home?  What are their favourite things to do in the sand?  And do you get in and play with them?!

We Play… in sand!

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19 thoughts on “Backyard – Sand Play

  1. Ah we just love our sand pit.. ours is the tradition big square box…. but now I’m wishing I’d gone with something more natural looking because yours is awesome!

  2. The funny thing is, we were planning a more traditional sandpit but Immy is loving the dirt since we have started de-constructing our backyard that now I am thinking about a freeform mudpit! Love that yours is a little more in between :)
    .-= Christie – Childhood 101´s last blog ..We Play =-.

  3. Looking good :) I love the rocks and the plantings around the border. We had a sandpit at our old house when the kids were younger but it was a commercially bought one and waaaay too small. If I had my time over, I do one just like yours.
    .-= jenny @ let the children play´s last blog ..we play: dance =-.

  4. love it cath, just did a digging pit (posting on it as soon as I can upload photos) which started out in the birthday planning phase as a sandpit but I couldnt get my head around a cover for it (all other backyard sandpits have ended up as public toilets for local cats. Nice!

    Hmmmmm if only you had posted this first it may have been a sandpit with this sort of cover

    Digging pit lots and lots of muddy fun too

    Loving all this playscape and backyard action

    and the new look blog (partic the little leafy bullet points)

  5. We live in space-starved Singapore in an apartment, so no sand pit for us… however, the boy does like to play with sand at the beach/playground, and loves it when we bury his legs. And of course he gets to shovel sand into a bucket and tip it all out!
    .-= Jus´s last blog ..Monday Made: A tale of two trees =-.

  6. We’ve recently moved house, and there is a yucky sandpit in the yard that we’ll be replacing. But one thing we loved doing at the old house in the sandpit, was hiding our dog’s toys in the sand, then watching him search for them and dig them up.
    .-= Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..Why children have tantrums =-.

  7. I love it! Sand play is the best, isn’t it? I posted last Friday about the “Bug World” we created in our backyard & an area for sand play would be a great addition. And, yes, BTW, I do like to get down & dirty & play in the dirt with the kiddos, too! :)

  8. It looks great! So organic. I’d love something like that, alas we rent and I think the landlord would frown upon…well they frown upon everything so no rocky sand pit for us.

    (the new layout looks great btw!)
    .-= Bec´s last blog ..So your friend has had a prem =-.

  9. Hi Cath,

    Love the new look site.

    We have a cubby which is elevated and the underneath acts as a sandpit, although we haven’t filled it with sand yet!! Need to get cracking on that.

    Emiy loves the sandpit at daycare though!

  10. Hey Cath, good to find you in the blogging world. I honestly don’t think much about sandpits :) My boys (now 7 and 3) will dig anywhere and everywhere. We do have a sandpit, but it seems to be the least fav digging spot. even the dog prefers to make holes under the house :) Maybe we need to broaden our horizons and create a bigger and better space for our boys
    .-= Tabitha´s last blog ..Not When the Light Shines =-.

  11. We have a poor excuse for a sandpit – it’s more like a bunch of sand dumped under a cubby house – and it was already at this house when we moved here. I usually take the sand out of it and put it into trays for the children to play with on the deck. I’ve had visons of building a giant sand box for the kids, but this post has just changed all that. I can’t believe I never thought to just use some weed mat and a few rocks. Much more pleasing to the eye and a little easier to do.Thanks Cath!
    .-= Belinda´s last blog ..Two of Our Favourite (Play) Things =-.

  12. Sand play is big at our house too, even the rabbit loves it. Making volcanos is the best fun, we use vinegar poured into a container of bicarb of soda, or baking soda built into the mouth of the volcano. As soon as you pour the vinegar in, it froths up and runs down the sides just like real lava. My 6 year old just loves it. My 2 year old prefers baking with sand and water, mixing and mixing with kitchen utensils.

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