Easy Book Week Costumes

Book Week means two things: firstly the announcement of the CBCA winners, and secondly – costumes! ┬áMost schools have a dress-up day or parade to celebrate Book Week, and kids are invited to dress as a favourite book character. Super exciting if you’re a kid… less so if you’re a mum.

If you’ve left it til the last minute, here are some easy ideas you might be able to pull together using items you already have at home:

  • Rapunzel – any princessy dress, long wool plaited into your daughter’s hair
  • Where’s Wally – red and white striped shirt, black rimmed glasses, beanie
  • Angelina Ballerina – tutu skirt, add mouse ears to a headband, draw on whiskers with eyeliner
  • The Tin Man – just cover your child in alfoil!
  • Paperbag Princess – make a “dress” out of a roll of brown paper, add a homemade crown
  • Very Hungry Caterpillar – green clothing, red beanie with large eyes stuck on, cut a big “leaf” out of cardboard
  • Pippi Longstocking – pinafore, striped leggings, draw on freckles with eyeliner, plait wire into hair to make the plaits stick up

Do you have any other last-minute suggestions to add to the list?!

6 thoughts on “Easy Book Week Costumes

  1. 1. Spider-Man – find printable mask online; print, cut with added side tabs for head band, use political advertising / junk mail & Stanley knife to cut eyes, add strips of cardboard to tabs for fitting to 5yr-old’s head in the morning. Decide that 5yr-old can wear blue trackers & a red long-sleeved shirt to make up the difference.

    2. Kwazii’s Grandfather from the Octonauts, whose name escapes me right now…features in the Octonauts Amazon Adventure…can u tell we watched it recently? Anyway…find printable pirate hat template, print, cut; use leftover strips for headband. Find printable belt buckle, print twice, once in yellow scrap paper, once on card; apply gold glitter / glitter paint again using political advertising as table cover, add leftover to pirate hat, glue pieces together. Find black track pants & decide 7yr-old can choose whatever shirt he wants in the morning.

    There you go, that’s been my last two hours. Yes, it’s 12:15am. Yes, both parades are Thurs, 9am & 11:30. Yes I’m supposed to be packing for conference tomorrow. Yes I’m supposed to be sleeping right now. But there you go :-)

  2. You are a blogging Queen! You now must come and have lunch with us – BBQ pizza is my current favourite (note: it tastes much more italian (i.e.authentic) and less american (i.e. fake) than it sounds). See you tomorrow :)

  3. I love the Rupunzel dress up idea, just gorgeous. My boy chose to dress up as Wally from the Where’s Wally books this year, stripy red/ white shirt, hat, thick black glasses. He looked great and it super easy too.

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