Award Winning Non-Fiction

Writing picture books is not for the faint hearted, and any emerging author will agree that it is hard to land that first contract. A little recognition goes a long way in balancing out all of the rejection. That’s why this year’s CYA Competition was such a confidence booster for me.

Last year I placed 2nd in the unpublished Non-Fiction Picture book category. I was delighted, but it still didn’t lead to a publishing deal. This year I wanted to really make my mark in the category  – and I did! Not only did I win 1st place, but I also took out 2nd and 3rd as well. Hopefully one of these three manuscripts will find a home with a publisher, and I will finally move from aspiring author to published.

A few other authors (and a couple of publishers) have asked why I persist with writing creative non-fiction, which is quite hard to have published. The answer is simply because I love it. I fondly remember non-fiction picture books from my childhood, they are my favourite texts to work with in the classroom, and I love exploring them with my own children. I never tire of stories about the natural world, and particularly about Australia’s incredible diversity of wildlife. Every year when the CBCA shortlist is announced, I jump straight to the Eve Pownall Award to see who has been nominated for information picture books. This year I highly recommend Python (Walker Books, Nature Storybook Series) and Lyrebird! A True Story (Museum Victoria).

Perhaps, one day, my name will be on the list too…


9 thoughts on “Award Winning Non-Fiction

  1. I am so very thrilled for you Catherine! Congratulations!! Surely placing First, Second and Third will get the publisher’s attention. I’m very confident that sooner rather than later, I’ll be reading YOUR books to the children in our school library. How EXCITING!!

  2. Congratulations Cath!

    I have no doubt that you will one day be published – no doubt in my mind, whatsoever.

    You’re an inspiration to me and every time I read about your success it re-focuses my energy on my own unfinished manuscript. Thanks! And good luck!

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