Justine Clarke Pop Up Giveaway

Over the past few years as  blogger I have been able to work with some wonderful children’s authors and artists. One of my favourites is Justine Clarke, and I am always delighted to promote her music and concerts. This year I have TWO DOUBLE PASSES to her upcoming Pop Up Tour to give away to SquiggleMum readers. (Thanks Justine!)

Here are five reasons why I’m a fan:

  1. She’s Australian. Sure, there are wonderful artists overseas as well – but I appreciate the Aussie accent and Aussie content in her work. When my kids sing along, they aren’t singing about zeeeebras or wellies ;-)
  2. She writes great songs!  I have heard so many other mums say that if they HAVE to have kids music playing in the car, they would rather it be Justine Clarke than anyone else. I have previously shared some thoughts about her music here and here and here.  Oh, and here. Her music isn’t dumbed down for kids. It’s sophisticated musically while still being age appropriate.
  3. She performs “real” concerts. I enjoy seeing a real artist performing with real musicians, and I think kids do too.  Her setup is never OTT, and it doesn’t need to be because the music speaks for itself.  A live gig is a new experience for most kids.
  4. She cares about her little fans. She might walk the red carpet and receive nominations for acting awards, but she is never too busy for her little fans.  I’ve seen her stick around for a long time after shows to meet little ones, pose for endless photos, and accept lovingly drawn pictures of The Gumtree Family.
  5. She’s a mum. Just like us, she juggles her dreams with raising her kids.

Would you and your child like to go to Justine’s Pop Up Tour? Just leave a comment sharing what you like about Justine Clarke! One entry per person please, Aussie residents only, two winners will be drawn at random Sunday 29/7/12 8pm Qld time. Justine will be performing in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.


This comp has now closed. Congratulations Ainsley and Glowless! 

Hope you and your kids enjoy Justine’s Pop Up Tour.

48 thoughts on “Justine Clarke Pop Up Giveaway

  1. I love her for the same reasons you state plus my little guy, who is language delayed, has started trying to sing along to her songs, making this mama very happy :) So good to see she is coming to Perth, so many artists skip us.

  2. All three of my kids love Justine. My seven-year-old son won’t admit it but he stops just the same when she is on TV. She irrefutably has that x-factor both as a children’s entertainer and adult actor. We would love to see her live!

  3. She isn’t afraid to have fun, she engaging with the kids and exudes the kind of energy I would love to have sometimes! My girls love her on playschool!

  4. What I dearly love about Justine Clarke is that she appeals to my gorgeous son. He’s mesmerised by her songs and loves to catch her on her video clips and on Playschool. We are inundated with some great children’s performers in Australia. Aren’t we so lucky!!

  5. We have only recently discovered the world of Justine Clarke but already we are big fans. I love that my 2 year old daughter is able to sing along to a number of songs and completely understand what they are about. The song topics are all on things that are REAL to kids!

  6. We love Justine in our house – her songs are fun and great to dance to around the house as well! She’s one of our favourite Playschool presenters because her smile is infectious and she always seems to really be enjoying what she’s doing.

  7. Justine Clarke is such a great entertainer for the kids and us adults! I love to sing along to her songs. If I’m having an off day I will put her on and sing along to my favorites with the kids. :)

  8. We just adore Justine in our household. All her tunes are so catchy and she can really relate to the children with her bright coloured clips and great lyrics. Best of all too she is AUSTRALIAN!

  9. I love that she is fresh, she’s something new and fun. I love that she has the right type of bubbly personality to do what she does. My kids would love to go!

  10. My son (3) adores her! He always asks for her CD on in the car and also loves seeing her on Playschool! I love that although she can sing she inspires us Mums with ordinary voices to join in and think we are the bomb ;-)

  11. I LOVE Justine Clarke. The kids love her too. The songs are catchy, interesting and there is no lyrics that I don’t like. :)

  12. We hold our own ‘Justine Clarke’ concerts at home, and have an awesome time making up actions to the songs. I’ve videoed my boys performing their version of ‘Dancing Face’ to show them when their older – hilarious!
    The kids have already told me how much they want to go to see her live in concert, and that they want to make banners that say “I’m a Sticky Monster!” Awwww!

  13. Love her same as you, plus the fact that my son claims she is his ‘girlfriend’, he loves her that much!

  14. Justine’s music is fun and catchy and while it is music for kids, it’s not daggy but has a mature modern sound at the same time. The team that puts together her video clips is always fun and creative which makes it a pleasure to listen to, watch and sing along all at the same time. Justine is not afraid to communicate at the kids level, and she doesn’t annoy me or sing about things I don’t like or want us to sing! She’s just so personable with a talent for songwriting, singing and performing.

  15. I Love Justine Clarke because she is so engaging for the children. Her songs appeal to the grown ups as well as the kids, and her costumes rock!

  16. We love listening to Justine in the car because she is lots of fun and sings about things Aussie kids like to sing and laugh about.

  17. I know this is a little bit shallow but I really like Justine’s little cardigans that she wears all the time, and her vintagey style, not hi-5 lary crazy dressing. Plus love the music as well.

  18. Forget about my girls – *I* love Justine :)
    She’s very real, plus all the rest you said above!

    (Oh, and Miss 3 & Miss 4 love her too, suppose I should mention that :P)

  19. My daughters entire 6th birthday party was based around the Justine Clarke song ‘The Witches Ball’. She loved the song from the moment she heard it and spent months planning her party, I would love to take both my girls to the next Justine concert.

  20. She puts on a great live show… So much fun to be had by all, young and old (or just maybe older).

  21. Justine is a family favourite in our house! Not just for the reasons you mentioned, but she also encourages creativity and imagination – something that my boy has in bucket loads thanks to her!!! I also think she appeals to the parents just as much as the kids (unlike some of those really annoying kids shows & artists), which is a bonus :-)

  22. What I love about Justine Clarke – she makes my kids feel safe when they sing and dance – its like her music gives little people permission to be little and to like little simple ideas and tunes and make little and safe moves when they dance and make noises and music that sounds like little people. Her music and songs and their presentation is safe and warm and little people fun! (and theres a little person in even the biggest of us too) on behalf of my three little people, thanks Justine xx

  23. My kids love Justine! So often I find myself still singing along to her CD without the kids even in the car!! I think I would be just as excited about her concert as the girls would be.

  24. I love that she has encourage my daughter to learn the words to her songs, and that she does filmclips for kids!

  25. I love that Justine inspires my children to speak clearly whilst having fun. (I also love that my husband enjoys Justine time with the children, but he may have other reasons for enjoying Justine!!!)

  26. I love her music because I enjoy singing it to my kids as much as they like it too. :) Would love to see her live.

  27. We love Justine Clarke – hubby has speakers hooked up on our loooong verandah and the kids scoot up and down the length of it singing along to her songs. We sing Justine’s birthday song for every birthday at our place :) Would love to see her live but being regional, the cost of driving, staying and tickets is just out of our budget… if we won tickets though, I’m sure I could make it stretch a teeny bit ;)

  28. Watermelon, watermelon…
    We love Justine, and watermelon!
    Love singing along with all the kids
    To Justine’s songs!

  29. Adding Justine to a play at home afternoon brightens both the play, the housework and the dreary day outside.
    I love that she introduces a range of music genres and that her album intersperses active and calm tracks – allowing my boys to get some sillies out between busy play sessions.

  30. I’m not eligible because I don’t know her music but I’m going to hunt it down on CD’s. Thanks for the heads-up Squiggle Mum and all above :)

  31. She is so cheery, bubbly and Australian. I love the fact that she is so natural and doesn’t license herself like ‘Dora’ and ‘Tinkerbell’ ect.

  32. We love Justine because on the long 3hr trips we do in the car regularly its nice not to hear some of the grating voices of other childrens cds. My son has just started singing along with me and when we stop, he laughs his head off. It makes driving 3hrs pleasant.

  33. Justine’s wonderful music and entertainment is appreciated by all in our family, kids aged 2, 3 and 7 all will dance and sing. Mum & Dad also enjoy having this Aussie music playing in the house and car:)

  34. Justine is our favourite playschool presenter – she is always smiling and her songs are such happy fun songs that all the family can enjoy together.

  35. I soooo agree with your Aussie accent comment. Master four can’t be corrected…he recites songs and rhymes with an awful American accent he acquired from too much Disney Jnr.

  36. Out of all the current PLay School presenters
    it is obvious that she is a mum.
    She talks to the viewing children throught the camera as though she is talking to her own.

  37. Her songs are so catchy, and good for adults too, it’s the one CD I don’t mind hear over and over again in the car!

  38. I believe you said it all…….
    1.She’s Australian.
    2.She writes great songs!
    3.She performs “real” concerts.
    4.She cares about her little fans.
    5.She’s a mum.

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