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Don’t laugh. I might be all tech savvy with my iPad and iPhone and MacBook – but I cannot live without a paper diary!  I’ve always opted for a small one that I can keep in my handbag, but when I started working part time a few weeks ago I knew I needed to graduate to something more substantial.

Hellloooo Inner B!  I jumped at the chance to try out their Mum Organiser*.  Here are 5 things I LOVE about it:

  1. It’s robust.  I give my things a pretty good workout, and this diary is in and out of my bag several times a day. It’s really well made, the binder is strong, and I’m confident it will go the distance!
  2. It’s refillable.  Next year’s diary will only set me back $16.95 which is the cost of the 2013 refills.
  3. It’s pretty.  I know that sounds shallow, but a visually appealing diary does help me to approach daily tasks more positively.  The Mum Organiser comes in three fresh shades.  No cutesy cartoons or tacky taglines here. Just good design and happy colour.
  4. It’s well thought out.  I really like the monthly dividers, and the monthly overview at the start of each section. I also appreciate the week to a double page layout.  I cope with my insanely ridiculously busy schedule much better when I can easily scan a month or a week at a time.   The business card pockets at the front are great, plus I’m glad there’s space for a pen to permanently live in my diary.
  5. It’s made for me.  Well, not me exactly… but it is made for mums, with special consideration for things mums tend to write in their diaries.  And it is made for those Down Under, with Australian and New Zealand school holidays and public holidays marked. (Yay!)

The only small criticism I have for the Inner B Mum Organiser is that it is a little tricky to write close to the binder rings – but then again, without the binder it wouldn’t be refillable.  All in all I think this is a great product, particularly for mums like me who juggle part time work with full time parenting.

To celebrate Mothers Day this weekend, I have one Mum Organiser to give away valued at $44.95 thanks to the amazing Valerie Petersen at Inner B.  All you have to do is leave a comment sharing why YOU need a Mummy Organiser!  

Competition is open to Aussie residents only. One entry per person please. Winner will be drawn at random on Sunday 20/5/12 8pm Qld time.

If you’re interested in other great products from Inner B, check out the notepads, planners and journals here. You can also find Inner B on facebook and twitter.  You’re welcome :-)

*I received an Inner B Mum Organiser free of charge for review purposes and the usual admin fee applied to this post.



Congratulations to the soon-to-be organised winner: Miranda!

29 thoughts on “Organised Mums – Inner B Giveaway

  1. Oh if I pay for postage can I be included in the draw???
    Please – i so need one of these, my daughter has started music classes, has swimming classes and between those and coffee groups, immunisations and specialist appointments we are getting out of control – we need something like this to sort our lives out.
    Pretty please with sprinkles on top…

  2. I need a Mummy Organiser because I work full time, and hubby – the stay at home parent for our daughter (five) isn’t that organised. I’m the one checking Miss Five’s school bag for notices or reading emails and making sure that Miss Five wears her sports uniform when required, or that hubby turns up to parent-teacher interviews, or that her reading or writing book is completed. As besides Miss Five-related activities, there are various bills to be paid, other appointments, holidays (hopefully) to organise etc etc. A hard copy diary would be invaluable!

  3. Having something small that I can fit in my handbag is a great idea. Keeping me organised is another good idea as I have sticky notes everywhere!! help x

  4. Wow, this looks amazing. I have already tried 2 different organisers this year and still am not happy. Love the ‘holds it’s own pen’ feature. I work full time, have a 2.5 year old daughter and another one on the way. My husband recently injured his ACL. Combine all of these I need something to plan and record who my daughter will be going to every day while I”m at work and what she needs to take to each place, schedule medical visits for myself and my husband as well as keep track of all the usual bits and pieces of LIFE. Like you, it needs to fit in my bag and be sturdy enough to be pulled in and out several times a day. I’m up for trying any new product until I can find one that works for me.

  5. I would love to give one to my husband, since he forgot our anniversary..AND my birthday this year, he definitely needs it..pre-filled with all the important dates he needs to remember!

  6. It’s so funny, I was just thinking the other day how this using the iPhone and MacBook calendar thing is just SO not working – I really need to go back to my old paper diary! I was tossing up which one to buy, and now I don’t need to think about it – I just need to win this one! :)

  7. I definitely need one of these hot little busy mummas sanity keepers. I work full-time, study part-time off campus and am a mother to a gorgeous 3 year old princess. We are also ttc child #2 with assistance. What with work commitments, hubby’s commitments, swimming, gymnastics, daycare special days (usually dress up and usually forgotten), play dates, about a gazzilion birthdays (also often forgotten), medical appointments, catch up with friends and all those other things we call life, well this is something I NEED lol

  8. I would love one of these to keep me organised. I’ve just started a business part time and have Miss 2 and Miss 4 and not to forget my hubby to keep track of everything that’s going on!!

  9. I need this to start getting my life back on track! Only yesterday I forgot that I had an appointment with the principal and turned up at the school to pick up my daughter in my daggy tracksuit and messed up hair!

  10. Oh my – my calendar at home is full already and I’m nervously viewing my return to part-time work with a sense of impending chaos heading my way. This little diary might be the answer. Perhaps this would go a long way to helping me navigate those days when the busyness is amplified (or at least not let me forget whether it’s swimming or soccer and which clothes to pack!).

  11. I have a paper diary but am finding I’m not using it as it doesn’t fit in my bag, so one that would sounds rather appealing! I also can relate with the part-time work and family issues.

  12. I am also tech savvy with my iPhone, iPad and Mac but totally rely on my paper diary.
    My current diary is a bit basic and I love the set out of the Mummy Organiser with all the space for individual children and their activities. Also the Mummy resources section looks great.

  13. What a nice giveaway. I’d love one, like you I’m all techy until it comes to organising, then its paper all the way!

  14. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win a diary to keep all my appointments, errands to run and things needing to be done all in one spot especially with a one year old things can get tricky.

  15. I would love something to help me be more organised so I can make sure I send the right child to the right party on the right day with the right present!

  16. Thanks for the heads up!
    I am just starting back at work after 5 1/2 years as a SAHM with my husband coming home to look after the boys, which is exciting but scary all at once!

    I would love to win this diary as it is pretty, sturdy and practical, making it the perfect accompaniment to this new season of our lives.

  17. Funnily enough, when I organise it’s paper all the way for me, despite my gadgets and love of my laptop and tablet!

    I work, study, mother and run our household so you can imagine our schedule.

    I am very fussy when it comes to my diary and have wondered about Inner B before, I’m glad you did a review.

  18. I need a mummy organiser to help me organise all the tiny little bits of paper floating around my house with all my to-do lists, appointments and gorgeous things my daughter has done written on them.. I haven’t forgotten an appointment yet.. but it’s going to happen soon!

  19. Thx for the giveaway!

    I would love to win a Mum Organsier to have something pretty and nice ALL for ME! Even if it will be filled with the info for all the rest of our family of five!


  20. wow, lots of great comments already from busy mummas!!
    I LOVE the simplicity of those brilliant colours, it looks very robust – great incase of drink bottle leaks in your bag! and the fact you can just refill it for the next year!
    With 2 kids, a busy hubby and Uni studies, I have 2 wall calendars and an iphone, but I still tend to forget things in those crazy weeks!! Thanks for sharing :) Lauren

  21. They look and sound great, would help with organising appointments and outings for my three little people.

  22. I would love to have a mummy organiser, for many of the reasons already mentioned, but more importantly I need it for the most important job in the world….being a Mum.

  23. I need an organisers that won’t crash – my Android version keeps closing me out LOL! Beck xx

  24. I’m a single Mum with 2 boys who have busier lives than I do!! I need help to keep up with physio appointments for my 10 year old, psych appointments for my 8 year old, choir for both of them, drum lessons, piano lessons and more. And for me I need to keep track of 2 jobs, writing time, workshops, and everything else that goes with being a working single Mum of 2 boys. HELP PLEASE!!

  25. What an amazing organiser!! I so need the mummy organiser!! My days are just crazy working part time with 2 kids and one on the way. My days are full of ante-natal appointments, swimming lessons, appointments and busy busy schedules! This would be fantastic to keep me organised!!

  26. I need a Mummy organiser so I can keep my busy life organised. Be organised at work, at home, in my volunteer work and keep track of the kids activities as well.

  27. hi! I would love one of those!! I’ve just started a new job (casual) and so need a diary!!! Sounds like a great one!

  28. I have a great wall planner at home and it works really well but the problem is that I can’t take it ‘out & about’ which I need and my phone is too old to do it for me… would love to win this!

  29. This could come in handy I think im going to purchase one myself, I also use a planner on the wall but it would be easier to have one with me all the time.

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