I thought I’d revisit this old post from January, since it is featured in the current edition of Footprints Magazine.  You can become a fan of Footprints on facebook or read their blog here.


I had the most fabulous facial on the weekend. An hour to myself, uninterrupted by a needy baby or a demanding toddler. An hour of quiet bliss. I had not one, not two, but three exfoliations to get my skin glowing. As each mask was applied and then removed, I could almost feel the dirt, tiredness, stress and worry being lifted from my face. By the time it was over I looked better, felt better, and somehow sensed I was lighter than when I walked in.

My heart could sometimes use that kind of treatment. Like the pores on my skin, it’s easy for my heart to become clogged up too. Bitterness, cynicism, selfishness and jealousy sneak into my heart and weigh me down. They make me a duller version of the woman I know I can be.

Exfoliating my skin doesn’t come cheaply and takes a good hour, but exfoliating my heart only takes a few minutes. The Bible tells me that God can cleanse my heart, making it whiter than snow. (Psalm 51:7) All it takes it a genuine apology for the layers to be stripped away. And each time I do it I feel better, and brighter, and sense I am somehow lighter than before.

PS – thank you to that wonderful mum-friend who gave me the voucher for a facial as a birthday gift… everyone should have a friend like you.

3 thoughts on “Clean

  1. I’ve just been reading your squiggles and I think they are really fantastic. I am a first time mum (actually have my 4 month old bouncing on my knee as we speak) and your writing is very inspiational. Will keep checking in for more!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Hayley! My little man will be 4 months on the weekend so our bubs are similar ages. I’m starting to feel more human again now that he’s sleeping through the night. Hope you are getting some sleep too, and taking care of yourself. Being a mum is hard work!

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