Finch Love

This Christmas, my husband surprised me with the best present. EVER.

Two words: Erythrura gouldiae

This handsome guy is a Red headed (dilute mutation) Gouldian finch. Look at that colour!

Red headed Gouldians have a fiery reputation, and this one is certainly The Boss.

This lovely lady is a Black headed (normal) female Gouldian finch.

She is absolutely divine.

I also have a couple of cheeky Zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata).

These two girls are totally BFFs.

*  *  *

I am completely in love.

7 thoughts on “Finch Love

  1. Gorgeous! Such incredible tiny packages of colour! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas! (sounds like you did!:D)

  2. Beautiful birds! We have seen quite a few of both zebra and gouldian finches on our travels around Australia over the past few months.

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