Nature Numbers

“Mummy! Mum! Look what I found. It’s a number six leaf! Cooooool!”

Such excitement over a simple leaf. She then dropped it, of course, and so we set off on a search for another 6-shaped-leaf.  I suggested we look for other numeral shapes as well.

Before long we were all engaged in a hunt for nature’s numbers.  I grabbed a long piece of cardboard for our collection, and we attached each numeral with sticky tape.  Because we didn’t always find numbers in the right order, it was a challenge for Miss 5 to stick them down in the right place, while still leaving enough room for other numerals as we discovered them.

We spent an entire afternoon outside in nature; exploring the leaf litter, collecting sticks, looking for shapes and thinking about numbers.  What a delightful way to learn together.

When I look back at my classroom teaching days, I wonder how many activities like this I could have taken OUTSIDE…

numerals numbers nature leaves

(My daughter took her nature numbers to show at school

and they are now proudly hanging in her classroom.)

14 thoughts on “Nature Numbers

  1. That is one of the best (and most doable) ideas I have seen in a while that my 6 and 8yo girls would enjoy. Thank you – hoping they love the idea when I share it (or mom and dad might be doing this by ourselves – what a cool pic)

  2. What a fabulous idea. I love taking a simple comment from your child and turning it into a fun activity. I’ve been finding a lot of 4-leaf clovers recently in our garden.

  3. I really like this idea Cath, it could also be applied to letters. It’s true, more learning activities should happen outside the classroom :)Sam

  4. We found an “e” leaf the other day! It looked remarkably like a 6 ;)

    Sticking them down like that is a brilliant idea, I’ll have to borrow it. Thanks!

  5. Well done you for moving at the right pace! I love the way you are able to listen to your kids, hear where they are, and take them a few steps further! Thanks for the inspiration… happy Spring to you and yours, grace

  6. I think what I love most about a lot of your posts (like this one) is that they are opportunistic. You take a ‘moment’ that your child has and you spontaneously create a learning experience around it. And I suspect given how much fun they typically are your children don’t even reaslise they’re learning either!

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