Fairy Fun

I spotted these popstick-girl-shapes in a craft store, and grabbed a packet immediately.  I just knew they would come in handy for… well, for something!  When Miss 5 was recently at home sick they provided wonderful entertainment.

I put out any sparkly collage materials I could find, as well as some fabric and PVA glue.  I also had a few leftover precut felt butterfly shapes which proved perfect for wings.  My daughter didn’t need any help (or any encouragement to get started)!  She busied herself for most of the day creating different families of fairies.  Water fairies, tree fairies, dirt fairies, vine fairies.  It was one big sparkly creative mess!!

The next day we were able to take the fairies outside into the garden.  The paddlepop sticks pushed easily into the ground, and also proved useful as handles for when the fairies wanted to flutter about.

It was wonderful to hear Miss 5 make up her own stories using the fairy families.  We were able to talk about what makes a good story, and the need for a “problem” to be resolved.  We even whipped out the iphone and recorded some of the stories.  They will be fun to look back on one day!

I’m so glad I kept my hands out of the making process, and let my daughter do it her way.  No end product to copy.  No “do it like this” moments.  No adult interference.  And I think her fairies are rather beautiful.  Don’t you?

17 thoughts on “Fairy Fun

  1. I think your daughters fairys are beautiful!So nice when they do it all by themselves and too easy for us to interfere sometimes!

  2. Great idea, they are gorgeous! We did a similar thing with wooden pegs the other day and my son made superheroes out of them with capes etc. I like the look of these though as they’re bigger and have arms etc. Might hunt them down in the craft shop. thanks

  3. Emma would love to do that, I’ll have to keep my eye out. I recently bought cardboard cut out shapes of boys and girls, some tall and some short and she had a great time making thpem into Mummy, Daddy and her friends and cousins!

  4. I love let my kiddos do all their own art work! I love seeing what they do… it is not about the end product at all, but what they are learning… and I always think their projects are marvelous!

    Love your ideas… thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I really must whip out the iPhone myself and record some of the munchkin’s stories. Interesting that you discussed the idea of plot and having to resolve a problem. Will also keep that in mind. And yes, I love the fairies too!

  6. Those are great, so much fun. can you tell me which craft shop you got the people pop stix from please. I am new to Singapore and my kids love art and craft so i am looking for a craft store that is not to expensive if anyone knows please.

  7. I love the idea of recording the stories. I think I’d like to do the same thing, but maybe take pictures instead. That way they could make up their own text each time they look at the pictures.

  8. those fairies are adorable. And I actually did the same thing… came across the same pop-sticks and grabbed them for that “rainy” day activity… yet to be used!

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