Music for Children to Dance

Do your children like to dance? Mine do.  This morning we twirled and whirled in tutus together – yes, I put one on too.  My daughter asked for “dancing music” so I flicked through the CD collection until I settled on one.

I didn’t choose The Wiggles, even though Dorothy rather considers herself a dino-ballerina.

I didn’t choose Justine Clarke, even though she’s hands down my favourite children’s entertainer.

I didn’t choose a Playschool album, or a Jimmy Giggle album, or any other children’s album.

So what DID I choose?

Haydn, Rimsky-Korsakov, Schubert, Tchaikovsky and Grieg.  Yes, classical orchestral music by some of the world’s best composers.  Despite my love for good qualitychildren’s music, I fear that at times we do our kids a disservice by not exposing them to music beyond this.  It is valuable for little ears to hear different sounds from different places and different times.  Rock music, classical music, folk music, jazz music, choral music and more.  (Of course there is much adult music that is inappropriate for children so you may need to check any lyrics before you push play!)

I spent many hours rehearsing and playing in orchestras myself as a child and as a teenager, and I still enjoy cranking up the volume of a great piece every now and then.  I can’t expect my kids to enjoy classical, or jazz (which I also love) with me if I never give them the opportunity to listen to it.  Or dance to it.

Which genres of music do you enjoy,

and do your kids listen, sing or dance along too?

13 thoughts on “Music for Children to Dance

  1. This is gorgeous. Perhaps time for Miss L to go to ballet class. She has perfected the first position stance already. I can recommend a couple of places :)

  2. My little miss just started tap lessons and now her favourite thing to do is drag out the tap shoes (hers and mine) and give me a lesson in the garage. At the end we perform a concert for her baby brother :) She sets the music – we either sing or she puts the car radio on. Thanks to Little Einsteins and (bleh) Barbie, she already knows some classical music, but she prefers to sing Justine classics while we dance :) I love letting my kids teach me (how Nana makes a sandwich is another fave), it is such a special time!

  3. While we enjoy a good dance and listen to a variety of different music during our day, my three little boys enjoy a nice bath listening to classical music every night… This has been a tradition that my husband started at birth – Very relaxing!

  4. We are mad fans of jazz and have a great local community jazz station. We now put the radio on every morning while we have breakfast so the boys are getting a good dose of Coltrain, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday. My 2 year old always moves to the music and says that he ‘loves’ this song whenever a new one comes on!

    I love the bath with classical music idea. It would do wonders for my 3 boys as well!

    And Justine Clarke is by far our favourite also. She’s on repeat in the car.

  5. You both look gorgeous in your tutus!

    I love that my kids love all kinds of music. Recently I found my old Abba Gold CD and my big kids adore that at the moment. Abba and a bit of River Dance thrown in for good measure!

  6. I’ve never been into kids music for the munchkin, other than when he’s watching TV or a DVD. At 10 months we were dancing to Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley, waltzing to Waltz of the Flowers at 2, at 3 he was rapping to something he’d heard in Daddycar (not sure about that one!), and at 4 he’s attempting to reproduce Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain. There are a multitude of others. I totally agree that variety in music is essential. I also think dancing with boys is to be encouraged. The munchkin makes it look so cool – he has all the smooth moves!

  7. Thankyou so much for the reminder…I just googled Rimsky-Korsakov and am playing Scheherazade:

    Immediately my 4yr old daughter (who loves to dance too), closed her eyes, lifted her arms, and started a made up song while doing “ballet” back to the kitchen to get some more watermelon. LOVE IT! Thankyou :-)

  8. That was fun! the picture looks very cute :) Its a great bonding for a daughter and mom. They had the same skirts :) Dancing is a form of good exercise as well.

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