Play Tray

Step 1.  Hammer the wood.

SquiggleDad helped, of course.

Step 2.  Make your purchases.

Green rocks. Small plant. Mini trolley. Happy boy.

Step 3.  Arrange the tray.

We used wooden offcuts, smooth pebbles, sticks and banksias.

Step 4. Invite the locals.

Dinosaurs were the first residents of our play tray.

Step 5. Innovate.

Long pieces of bark make great roads. Dinosaurs out. Trucks in.

Step 6. Enjoy!

So. Much. Fun.

Do you have a play tray?

Do you allow your child to make purchasing decisions?

Would you let your two year old use a hammer?!

Do you think this looks like fun?

14 thoughts on “Play Tray

  1. This looks like fun.
    I’m not sure if I’d let mister nearly two use a hammer.. maybe a mallet… maybe..
    I’d love to make one of these for outside, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Awesome!!! What a great idea :) I got my first hammer as a toddler, nailed down boards for my bedroom floor as a primary schooler. Still have all my fingers and no interesting scars, I say let ‘em hammer!!!

  3. Looks great! We’d done this last year, DS used rocks from our creek and also used his dinosaurs and trucks/diggers. DD made a fairy garden and grew soft grass. Hours of fun :)

  4. I love it – especially because it’s outside! What a great way to let the little ones’ imaginations take flight. Best part: It’s always evolving!

  5. This looks awesome. Such boy fun. Love the little hammer stamp on your son’s hand from Bunnings too.

    To answer your questions; we don’t have a play tray. And yes it looks like super, super fun. 2 year old and a hammer – I would hold my breath and give him a go. I usually give my son two choices and let him choose his favourite.

  6. We just use (new)kitty litter trays from discount stores as small play trays At home we use garden beds the kids have selected plants and seeds and planted themselves,there is a dino land , bunny habitat, dora’s Teepee and construction zone with coloured sand around our yard. The eldest begs cuttings and collects seeds from neighbours and visits to family for her Faerie garden and succulent colection. She also has been known to budget her pocket money to buy plants from bunnings and swap meets. Ms 10 and a pair of friend hop on bikes and go to garage sales together (without me !) and have been known to get free cuttings , yet pay for an interesting piece of drift wood to create a play scene or something sparkly for fairy house building.

  7. Yes! I let my childen use hammers, screw drivers & spanners… They’re 4yrs old & 18 months old. The 4 year old uses a saw too. They’ve recently been helping us renovate a shed :)

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