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My big girl is counting down the sleeps.  This morning we went to get her uniform and shoes, and she starts Prep (Qld) in just over a week!  She is so delighted with her new uniform that she can’t take her eyes off her own reflection!!  There are still a few things we need to do, and then of course there is all the labelling.  As a teacher I know how important it is to name everything.

I’m grateful that I don’t have to buy a new backpack or lunch box, as I received a fabulous school pack from Kmart*. (Thank you!)  The backpack, lunch cooler bag and lunchbox will be especially useful, and Miss 4 is delighted with all her new “school things”.  Kmart certainly do offer good value for money when it comes to basics for school.  The backpack + lunch cooler + pencil case = $8.  Bargain.

Of course, making sure all the “stuff” is purchased and labelled is only part of preparing to start school.  This week we’ll also be trying to get into a school-like routine.  We’ll start getting ready in the mornings as if it’s a school day, and have morning tea and lunch at predictable times.  Since we have the new lunchbox and cooler bag we’ll try those out too, and make sure Miss 4  can independently manage everything.   And, while we’re enjoying the last week of holidays together, I’ll spend a little extra time focusing on turn taking, using manners, and good listening.

Do you have a child starting school, or returning to school in the coming weeks? What are you doing to prepare them?

*I received the items pictured above courtesy of Kmart.

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  1. Im taking Zoe up to meet her teacher on Wednesday this week, we are then going to practice using the toilets, finding the hall, music room, office and of course my office, So excited to have my daughter coming to school where I work. We are lucky the prep teachers sent out letters to have a one on one meeting before school goes back. How nice is that. I want to show her how to use the toilets and wipe them down. ewwww. We have 9:30 fruit break, 10:30 morning tea and 12:30 lunch. so I have tried to stick to that for a while now. Oh and if people only take away one thing from this post Label Label Label. Label Shoes, Label socks,Yes Socks!!! hats, bags, shirts, shorts. They play dressups and it is a nightmare to sort out, and while you are printing out labels make a few extra for the ones that fall off so you can put them on again quickly. The way kids get lost on their first day of prep the teachers even label them. lol it is cute

  2. Hi!

    Very exciting about your daughters first day of school coming up. One of those major moments in your life.

    My eldest is preparing for her return to school this year as a big year 1 student. We have been psyching her up for this since school finished last year. Unfortunately, we are now flooded out of town (near Dirranbandi), and it looks like she won’t be able to get to school and start the new year off with all her friends and her new teacher. We are all very sad about this.

    It’s not the 2 or so weeks she will not be at school that bothers us (I am a teacher, so she will be working at home!), but it’s those crucial first weeks where your young child settles into new routines, and reforms those precious little friendships that we are most sad about.

    So enjoy this time Squigglemum! I suspect it’s always harder for the parent than the child! They grow up so quickly!

    Love Jess xxx

  3. I have 3 at school now, and 2 yet to start. When the older girls were due to start school we had practice week before school started. I’d set a timer in the morning and we’d practice getting dressed, having hair done and having breakfast before it was time to “go”. I’d also pack their lunch and morning tea in their lunch box with ice bricks, so they could practice packing their own bag, working out how much to eat at 1st break and what to save, and opening and closing their lunch box. It was also great practice for me too, as it gave me a chance to work out how much I could manage doing in the morning, and which things I would need to prepare the night before, and it also helped me work out which foods kept ok in the lunch box until lunch time (although by number 3 I pretty much have these things down pat, it’s still good for the little ones to have a dry run, for their own confidence). My eldest is starting high school this year… so we are facing a new set of challenges :-|

  4. Sounds like you are really helping her prepare. So important for parents to do that. Aside from labeling I say the next important thing is to oracular opening and closing all the lunch box bits (glad wrap can be tricky for little fingers) and can dress/undress easily (especially jumpers and shoes). Good luck!

  5. My four year old daughter is starting pre-prep. We have been packing her lunch in her lunch box and lunch bag every morning for the last week and making sure she can manage opening everything. I have also been showing her where her hat and drink bottle is labelled and emphasised that these items are not to be shared and explained to her why it is important that she doesn’t share these things.

    This morning we had our orientation morning and I made sure she knew how to use the taps and soap dispenser.

    We’re also trying to make sure that she is confident to go to the teacher if she has tried to sort something out that has made her unhappy and she can’t resolve it by herself. We’ve role played various situations to help with this.

    But, I know I can’t cover all the bases and it will be a learning curve for all of us.

  6. It was a big day in our house as well. First week went well but as always someone wasn’t returning not touching their fruit! Might blame it on the hot weather and adjustment to first week!

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