Playscape: Nature Cubby

This year I am working hard to improve our backyard, and create a playscape rich in natural opportunities for learning, discovering, playing and growing.

When we added our Dirt Kitchen to the backyard last year, you might remember that I started training a vine into a roof of sorts.  Here’s an image of it in August, 2010:

It was growing so well that it began to weigh the strings down, so I started thinking about ways to prop it up. Then wandering the aisles at Bunnings (as you do…) I found this arch for under $10.  I figured it was worth a try, and it turns out it was perfect for the job. I didn’t want it to be the full height, so I just left a few pieces off.  Then I went back to Bunnings and bought a second one!!

Look at it now!! With all the rain we’ve had in Brisbane, most plants have seen rapid growth.  Instead of just a roof, now we have a whole nature cubby growing.  Every day we see new growth, and the kids and I are enjoying winding the tendrils around the arches to create our walls and roof.  That “shady space” I said I was dreaming of back in August is looking like a reality – and all for the grand sum of $20. Bargain.

Stay tuned for more posts about our nature cubby, this interesting vine, and the creatures that are making this cubby house their home.

PS – I’ve updated my About page with heaps of new info including my values, where you can find me, a photo gallery and more. Check it out!!

10 thoughts on “Playscape: Nature Cubby

  1. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe how much it’s grown in a couple of weeks. It’s looking fantastic. Just goes to show that there is something good to come out of all that

  2. Wow…so inspiring! My backyard is a mess. Half-dead veggie garden, 4 chickens and unmowed grass…lots of potential though. Will have to work on it!

  3. That’s great! My kids are a great inspiration in the garden for me too. Although I don’t think I could bring myself to grow a creeper at the moment as we are battling the world’s most resilient ivy at our place!

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