Review: Smart Trike A Smart Choice

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I don’t buy a lot of toys for the kids.  For inside play I love wooden toys and creative materials.  Outside we have a few trucks and some digging materials, but not many “toys” as such.  I’d prefer the kids dig a hole or climb a tree!  When we visit little friends for play dates though I have to admit that my son does love to ride their bikes.  So when Smart-Trike offered to send me their top of the line, 4-in-1-Recliner… I couldn’t say no.

Having N-E-V-E-R purchased a trike or bike of any description for the kids before, I wasn’t really sure what I’d think about the Smart-Trike Recliner.  Fortunately when we* took it out of the box and put it together, there was less plastic than I imagined and quite a number of optional parts which you can add or remove to suit.  (I prefer the trike without most of the extras, but I know many other mums will adore those features!)

So here is what I found I liked about the Smart-Trike Recliner:

  • It’s really a cross between a bike and a pram.  It has lots of pram like features, including a foot brake, reclining ability, durable fabric, and rain cover.  Plus little ones can burn some energy pumping those pedals!
  • It grows with your child.  This trike isn’t the cheapest on the market, but if you want one trike that will go the distance this is a worthwhile investment.  It reclines for bubs as young as 6mths, and adjusts to accommodate older bubs and toddlers up to age 3.
  • The handle works.  I could steer my son with one hand and hold onto my daughter at the same time.  And I love that the handle comes off completely when the boy no longer needs help to steer straight.
  • It seems well made, and the design well thought out.  It’s won a stack of awards.
  • It’s pretty snazzy.  Even SquiggleDad is happy to be pushing it around.
  • It makes my son smile, and gets us all out in the great outdoors together!

I’m sure a trike like this will be on some parents’ wish lists this year!  You can check out the Smart-Trike Recliner 4in1 and other Smart-Trikes here.  Also available at Target and BigW.

Disclaimer: I received the Smart-Trike Recliner 4in1 for free courtesy of Smart-Trike.  Thanks Smart-Trike for the opportunity to (pardon the pun) road test the trike and share my thoughts.

*We… as in I took one look at the instructions and said, “Honey…?!!

6 thoughts on “Review: Smart Trike A Smart Choice

  1. Great idea Catherine and a great review as well. I wish these had been around when you cousins were growing up

  2. Looks like a great first bike … we are such a biking family that my Miss 4 is just about to get her second bike for Christmas this year .. the first one was great from age 2 until now so think we did well. You will have to consider a bike for Miss 4 now too. Biking is such a great family activity too … Enjoy!

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