Christmas Giveaway 3 – ABC Kids Christmas CD

With only two weeks to go, it’s really

  • looking like Christmas
  • sounding like Christmas
  • and feeling like Christmas here!

Our wreath welcomes visitors.

We’re counting down with our Advent Calendar (thanks Kelly!)

The kids have been adding to their toilet roll nativity.

The tree is sparkling.

Paper chains hang from the ceiling.

And decorations are scattered through our home.

For us, it wouldn’t be Christmas without songs!

This year we are loving the Christmas for Kids album from ABC Kids.  I am always on the hunt for CDs that include Aussie carols and Aussie accents.  We have such a unique Christmas down under, and often the songs about wintery snow are meaningless to kids here.  The ABC Christmas for Kids album includes tracks such as Six White Boomers (my childhood favourite), Aussie Jingle Bells, and Christmas Where The Gumtrees Grow.

Thanks to my friends at Roadshow and the ABC I have FOUR copies of Christmas for Kids to give away just in time for Christmas.  If you’d like to win a copy, leave a comment sharing your favourite childhood Christmas song. Aussie residents only please, one entry per person, winners drawn randomly Friday 17 Dec, 6pm Qld time.

You can also purchase Christmas for Kids from ABC Online for $19.99 or from ABC Shops.

*   *   *   *   *

This competition has now closed. Congrats to the 4 random winners who have been notified by email. Happy Christmas!!

47 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway 3 – ABC Kids Christmas CD

  1. I LOVE “The 12 Days Of Christmas” – Miss 5 (my eldest) gets a real kick out of singing “5 Kang-a-roooooooooos!” And the littlies are so cute when they sing it! xxx

  2. “Deck the halls” was one of my favourites!
    I’m not sure whether that was just for the funny versions of it that we made up or for the actual song, but it has good memories!

  3. rudolph the red nosed reindeer is my facorite childhood song, its so much fun to sing, even now I have grown up!

  4. One of my favourites has always been Snoopys Christmas but I also love many of the traditional carols including Away in a Manger which my little miss 4 does a wonderful job of singing!

  5. We LOVE six white boomers in our house.Thanks to youtube we have had Rolf Harris on a loop. my 2yr old Boom Boom Booms on the table as we sing!!!

  6. We had a much loved Patsy Biscoe Christmas album and I always loved ‘I want a hippopotamus for christmas’, in fact I might have to see if I can track it down for my little ones. ‘I saw mummy kissing Santa claus’ was also a big hit with us.

  7. haha I remember once I was about 7 and was drying my hair in the upstairs bathroom all the while singing Good King Wenceless (sp?) at the top of my lungs thinking no one could hear me over the dryer. I’ve never been more wrong lol!

    I was looking for xmas carols online the other day for the kids to listen too but didn’t have much luck really, I had a cd once but it mysteriously disappeared?
    .-= MuffinMonsterBB´s last blog ..Where are the customers rights =-.

  8. Well being a child, of course it was Jingle Bells, batmans smells, robin flew away…… wonderwoman lost her bra flying in LA.
    At the top of lungs of course! :P

  9. I loved the Aussie 12 Days of Christmas. My first year at school (prep) my teacher Ms Larkin let me be one of the five kan-ga-rooooos! I could hardly contain myself and had to consciously stop myself from bounding around the stage :) When I hear it I always think of my first time on stage, with my (very British and probably confused) parents watching on.
    .-= Sam E´s last blog ..If I had time =-.

  10. The 12 Days of Christmas was always a favourite of mine as a child. My eldest (6) loves it too. If she loses track of where she’s up to, she always sings ‘five Gold Rings’ really loud and then finishes off strong.
    I think I used to do the same!

  11. got a soft spot for I saw mummy kissing santa claus underneath the mistle toe. and six white boomers, both very different. but im over jingle bells.

  12. Oh Jane!!! I want to find Patsy Biscoe’s Christmas Album too! If you find it pls let me know :)
    I wanted a hipopotomus for Christmas too :)
    Merry Christmas all :)

  13. My favourite was “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”. Strange choice I know… one year I actually did get a stuffed hippo for Christmas.

  14. My favorite Christmas song is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. My eldest (2y.o) tries to sing it now. So cute!

  15. I just LOVE jingle bells and so do my boys, I’ve just taught them the Aussie version and we’re having so much fun singing it :)

    haha Kym I used to sing that version too, but mine was a little bit different hehe

  16. Little Drummer Boy my all time favourite. Always makes me cry especially if kids singing it. What a softie. And Silent Night. And 6 White Boomers. And Ella learned a new one called Santa Koala this year which is wonderful – maybe you all know it but new to me. To the tune of Waltzing Matilda.
    Love the advent calendars

  17. Gus (3) version of Jingle Bells makes me laugh too. Some line in there about

    “Oh what FARM it is to ride”

  18. I love singing Jingle Bells with my 2 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it and really gets into it, swaying and clapping along.
    Merry Christmas Every one :)

  19. Both my children and I like Rudulph the red nose reindeer my 4 year old if teaching actions to our 16 month old, its quite funny. My 4 year old also like Jingle Bells – the Aussie version.

  20. My husband’s favourite christmas album is ‘Christmas Wishes’ by Kenny Rogers and Anne Murrray – having listened to it when he was a kid, it really makes it seem Christmas for him!

  21. I like the Aussie version of the 12 Days of Christmas. We used to do a great acted out version with the kids at school, emus, kangaroos and koalas included. My two little ones love Jingle Bells.

  22. My favorite Childhood song is “So viel Heimlichkeit..” (All those secrets..) sung by a childrens choir from Eastern Germany. it is about all the secrecy in preparation of Christmas, toys that disappear (i suppose for enhancement, it’s from older times..) and the sweet smells coming from the kitchen..It’s just very cute. We got the whole album from my grandma (who lived there) and it has accompanied me for my whole life.
    I blogged about it at the end of my last post with all kinds of very different Christmas albums – We do not have the ABC kids one, but I’d love too! :)
    .-= kay´s last blog ..Sounds like Christmas to me =-.

  23. Have always loved “Away in a manger” and have beautiful memories of it being sung at church with different groups singing different verses. Always started with children singing the first verse though.

  24. Hmmm – hard to pick just one favourite – I loved Six White Boomers because my Dad would always play the guitar and sing it for us – or I also remember singing The Little Drummer Boy with our school choir and loving it.

  25. Cath, I love the look of your advent calendar! And it looks like you are putting the inside paper up on the ones you’ve done… right? Great idea! So easy for the kids to see where you are up to.

    As for Christmas song, my all time fav is “in excelsis deo”.
    .-= Kelly B´s last blog ..Covering School Books =-.

  26. I am a closet patsy biscoe fan and always loved the last song on her Christmas Album called Little Toy Trains. It
    sings of boys wishing for trains and drums and talks of Santa coming through the sky and telling little boys to go to bed.
    I sing it to my boys to go to sleep on and Mr C was particularly excited this year when he heard the recorded version saying “This is your song Mummy”
    I found Patsy on itunes also which certainly made me very happy to find this song.
    .-= Fiona Preston´s last blog ..Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas =-.

  27. Hi Cath – really enjoy your writing!!
    As a kid, I remember driving around on a bus with our church choir singing carols – Angels We Have Heard on High stands out, lots of fun harmonies in the Gloria in Excelsis Deo bit :-)
    A good Christmas album is always welcome in this house! Steven Curtis Chapman has had a flogging the last few years ;-P
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  28. we have a book and cd by Colin Buchanan called a very Aussie Christmas. It has Aussie versions of lots of carols- lots of fun!
    I always loved angles we have heard on high, it’s pretty to sing.

  29. Well, Aussie Jingle Bells has been a favourite in our household for the past few years.

    Cath, “Six white boomers” brings back childhood memories of my Kindy class. We performed it in front of the rest of the school. I was dressed in blue and had to play crash cymbals each time we sang “blazing sun”.

    We also sang “The North wind is Tossing the leaves” in our school choir. Definitely a more realistic portrayal of Christmas here :)

  30. I have always loved the quieter ones and can’t decide between “AWay in a Manger” or “Silent Night” as my favourite.

    I also can’t go past Peter Coombe’s Christmas album – every year growing up that’s what we played as we set up the tree – and now that’s what we play in my house for my children!

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