How Mums Deal With Sick Kids

We have had a week of sickness, with both kids battling a raging fever followed by sniffles and the kind of cough that makes other mums raise their eyebrows. The thermometer is in constant use, and the infant paracetamol is getting a workout too. I think we’re through the worst of it now, with only the cough hanging on, but I’ll have to keep an eye on the little man as he is prone to ear infections.

This morning on air I shared some thoughts about dealing with sick kids.  Here are my three top tips:

  • Lower your expectations – Obviously the kids aren’t going to be at their best. Relax the routine, let go of the little things, be realistic about meal times, and don’t stress about the house (no one will be visiting anyway)!
  • Cancel your plans – If you have little ones under school age, cancel anything you can! Don’t bother with trying to squeeze things in… just let people know that the kids are unwell and you’ll reschedule asap.  If you have school aged kids, cancel school for a day or two (and sadly, yes, whatever you had planned too), and cancel afterschool activities until they are 100% well again.
  • Take shifts at night – Find a system that works for your family, so that you aren’t working 24-7. We either take turns night and night about so that only one of us is getting up, or take pre-midnight shifts and post-midnight shifts.  (This week though, our little boy only wants Daddy during the night!!)  Single mamas, you need extra help during the day because you have to deal with v-e-r-y long night shifts.

Working mums, how do you juggle your career with caring for sick little ones?  Do most of your sick leave days get used when the kids are sick, or when you are? Any tips to share?

SAHMs, how do you give yourself time to recharge so that you don’t go insane?!  Do you have a top tip to share?

If you’d like to hear the podcast from this morning, it should be available later today at 96Five.

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7 thoughts on “How Mums Deal With Sick Kids

  1. Such a current topic for this household!! I can’t even begin to count the amount of outings and events we have cancelled over the past 5 or so months that the kids have been tag teaming with sickness. Some have been even bigger events that I had organised. It is disappointing but worth it for helping them to get better….and for not spreading the illness to others. I’m lucky my girls are both still good day sleepers so I use that time to recharge. During the night, both my husband and I work on helping the girlies when they are sick.

    Staying home is so important to helping other families. Some things that we go to during the week in winter and spring seem to have sick kids everywhere. Sadly we have had to stay clear of those fun activities to avoid more sickness to our kids : (
    .-= Busy Brissy Mum´s last blog ..Just Add Water =-.

  2. I find the best thing when my son is sick is to sleep when he sleeps and to not stress out, Generally he is a very happy and content boy even when he is unwell! But when he is very sick and miserable we just cuddle at home and have lazy days!

  3. Most mothers are sick of their kids getting sick
    and when they are gooder Mum’s gladder.
    But when my little boy is not good, he’s the bestest –
    and when he is better he’s badder!
    © Kathryn Apel 2009

    This is not so much a statement about his behaviour when he’s well, but rather, how good he is when he’s sick! Such a stoic little man. And he’s home with me today, as I type this. Just one more in a long run of sick days this sememster. :( Sometimes you just get everything that’s going…

    As to a tip… For my sanity, I usually find that tossing hubby out of bed and bringing the sick lad in with me works. My sleep is more restful when he’s within reach – and I don’t get vertigo from staggering through the house all through the night.
    .-= KatApel´s last blog ..Child’s Play – Performing for Children Part Four =-.

  4. As a single Mum, it’s hard when they’re sick over night as I have no one to take shifts with. These are the days when often the well child misses a day of school too because Mummy is exhausted! When they’re sick we all have a day off & watch DVDs in bed :)
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..How can customers pay you =-.

  5. My boy recently had surgery and they only allow one parent to stay overnight at the hospital so we didn’t have much of a choice since he was being exclusively breast fed, I would have to stay with him. Hourly neuro obs are a pain in the behind for a anyone but for a three month old who you’ve just managed to get to sleep they’re horrible! Because the operation was on his head, he couldn’t put it down on the bed so had to be held for three days. But you do what you gotta do. When we came home my parents came over and minded Tricky while his dad (who had been spending 18 hours a day at the hospital with us) and I just slept! We woke up a few hours later to a clean house and dinner on the table. Couldn’t have done it without them.
    .-= Glowless´s last blog ..Letter to Tricky – Five months old =-.

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