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Music has a special place in our home, and I’ve shared before about singing together.  We sing a lot, but we also have music in our house in other ways.  You see SquiggleDad is a great guitarist.  He doesn’t get to play much any more, but he still has an impressive collection of guitars.  Classical, acoustic, electric, bass.  I think around a dozen instruments all up.  Except now the collection is growing…

If my children end up in some sibling folk-rock-fusion band in their teens, I’m so bringing out this photo.  At the tender age of 4 my daughter already writes some very creative lyrics.  And my son has fantastic rhythm, not that I’m biased in any way.  I recorded them both singing and playing during an impromptu lounge room concert recently, but I’ll save that footage for now.  It could come in handy down the track…!

Is music played in your home?

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14 thoughts on “A Musical Home

  1. I learned piano for many years and completed quite a few AMEB exams, although I know mainly play in church.

    So I am now teaching my son piano (and son #2 starts at the end of the year).

    Piano is a great way of getting both sides of the brain working and therefore helps with skills that are used in maths (I’m told)

    The other benefits we’ve found is it helps develop self-discipline, tenacity and focus!! (these are often painful lessons)

    Despite my constant nagging of “bend your fingers!”, I think my son also enjoys some one-on-one time with his mum :-).

  2. Although I joke that I’m a “professional singer” (because I do get paid and preschool teachers do sing in public) I’m not at all talented. One of my student’s parents who is a singer, often tries to sit near me when I sing to get me “on key,” but it doesn’t really help. I can’t hear the difference.

    That said, my wife’s side of the family are all opera singers or conductors in Europe and luckily my daughter inherited the genes. She’s taught herself to play guitar and has recently started performing in public.

    I always think it must be wonderful to grow up in a family that sings together.
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  3. We’ve always tried to fill our house with all sorts of musical instruments, and, like her Mumma when she was a little one, Princess loves to put on a “concert” (she hands out tickets and everything!).

    We also play a large variety of styles of music. I don’t know many other almost 4 year olds who listen to the radio and say, “Mumma, is that opera? Turn it up please!” LOL
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  4. We used to have a keyboard at the foot of our bed. It meant we could have an extra half an hour in bed on the weekends while the kids played music (needless to say we didn’t get much sleep, but at least it was warm as well as noisy!) We buy miniature instruments (as opposed to the toy variety) and let the kids experiment with them. We also often have ‘rock band’ time and put music on and the kids ‘play’ and sing along to OUR favourite music (for a change). Our eldest son has shown an aptitude for music and I’ve been pressured to send him for lessons, but I would rather music just be about enjoyment – until HE asks ME for lessons, then we’ll organise them.

  5. That is a really great post! I am quite jealous of your husband being able to play guitar…I did lessons when I was a kid but gave it up to play netball…and I always kind of regretted it. Maybe its time to learn again!We do sing ALOT in this house….My mum used to turn up the music and sing when she did the housework and I must admit we sing through pretty much everything we do (dishwashing, bathtime, in the car etc)

    Gorgeous photo of your kids and their guitars…Yes, I think a musical sibling group is a real possibility there!

  6. There’s rarely a moment in our house that there is not music of some sort being listened to, played or sung. Although none of us have any huge talent we do all get a lot of enjoyment out of it, especially my 3yo old son who has recently decided he wants to be a harmonica player when he grows up – on the days he’s not being a fireman of course!

  7. @Mandy
    It was a hand-me-down from one of the older boys at church who has graduated to “real” guitars! It doesn’t plug into an amp, but as far as play instruments go it’s a pretty good copy :-)

  8. I was raised in a very musical family and have passed the music gene onto my grandsons. My Dad actually gives music lessons to one of my grandsons, his great grandson. These lessons are special in so many ways beyond the actual lessons themselves. I find music in pre-school is a universal language. Thanks for the post and tell your kids to keep on singing and playing. :), The picture is too cute!

  9. This is such a precious photo and music is just so important, isn’t it? We have so much fun with music and singing and dancing and I love watching how my kids react to music and singing. Their responses are so innate and raw. They come from deep within them. Ed cannot sit still when music is on and he has been like that for as long as I can rememeber and Em has taught herself to play a cheap keyboard she got for her second Xmas. In our house, there’s no fighting it, the rhythm is gonna getcha ….
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  10. We love music too. I play piano, but so far for my kids, it is all about singing (and dancing). I am constantly amazed by my daughter’s ability to remember lyrics (even for adult songs she has only heard once).

    I’m still in two minds about whether to teach my kids piano (when they get older). I’m not sure I would have the patience – may have to outsource that one!

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