Learning In The Rain

We {heart} rainy play, which is why I’ve blogged about it here, and here, and here!  As long as you use your common sense (eg: limit time if necessary, dress them appropriately…)  kids have an absolute ball playing in the rain.  And so do Mums.  Yes, the spotty gumboots are on my feet:

In the rain we love

  • seeing how water changes the colours of rocks and bark
  • collecting bucketfuls of water
  • stomping and sloshing in gumboots
  • listening to rain on our raincoats
  • catching rainwater in our hands and on our tongues!
  • seeking refuge under trees
  • reading the signs in nature around us…

Ok, so I know you’re scratching your head on that last one!  Usually we don’t get long days of constant rain (though they do happen).  Here in Brisbane, we are more likely to get rainy patches that come and go.  I try to teach the kids to be observant.  We pay attention to the sky:  What do the clouds look like?  Which way are the clouds going?  Do we think those clouds have heavy rain in them?  How many minutes until it rains again? I also teach the kids to take note of the creatures around them.  Can we hear any birds at the moment?  What do you think the birds are telling us?  (Usually the birds are quiet when it is raining, but we hear them start up again when the rain has almost passed. )  Can you see any insects?  Are they going into their homes or coming out of them?

Asking these kinds of questions helps with the development of thinking skills, observation and making predictions.  I also hope it teaches my kids to listen to the world around them.

What are your kids learning while playing in the rain?

21 thoughts on “Learning In The Rain

  1. My kids love playing in the rain, too. My 5 1/2 year old especially enjoys seeing what objects will float in the streams created by the rain and what will sink. That & he loves running in the stream, too! :)

  2. We love playing in the rain too. We are lucky to have a shallow drain to walk and float boats in. I never thought to listen for the birds – I wonder if it is the same in the North when rain is mostly monsoonal? We do watch the clouds up here, they can be very spectacular when it is raining or about to rain. And of course, we love to watch lightning (but not play outside when there is lightning).
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..We play – treasure hunting =-.

  3. My 3yo LOVES his gumboots, raincoat and umbrella, but for some reason I have always kept him indoors when it rains. Now I am asking myself why! I think I have that very same pair of spotted gumboots (my latest mother’s day present) and now can’t wait for it to rain again so I can put them on and embrace the rain with my son rather than go stir crazy inside. Thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..kleenexmums: @kristydarby Ice magic has truly got to be one of the world’s greatest inventions! =-.

  4. What fun! We haven’t done “rain play” yet, but mostly because I still have a crawler! When they are both walking…

  5. We also love rainy day play.
    :ENVY: I dont even own a pair of gumboots!!
    might have to pop them in the budget real soon ;)

  6. We pretty much have to do the opposite here in Seattle. On average we get rain over 180 days a year and when it rains it tends to drizzle all day long. Every year I have children who don’t want to play outdoors when the sun shines because it’s “too bright.” I’m not joking!

    Our two rain mottos are: “Rain makes everything more fun!” and “There is not bad weather, just bad clothing.”

    A sunny day is our science experiment time: evaporation, sweating, reflection, prisms, what color are things when they’re dry?, etc. We’re heading into our dry season now, so we’re all looking forward to a couple months of blue skies. =)
    .-= Teacher Tom´s last blog ..What Would You Do With Them? =-.

  7. one thing we like to do when it’s drizzling just a bit is put a paint with water page on a cookie sheet and let the rain paint it for us!

  8. This is a lovely post. Parts of Scotland only get 30 rain-free days a year! I grew up in a very wet part of England and can’t imagine life without a lot of rain. The smell of damp is just normal!

    Last week I was delivering a course called “Rain or Shine – Getting outside whatever the weather”. Someone phoned up beforehand and asked if it was cancelled because of the weather…!!!
    .-= Juliet´s last blog ..Health and Safety: Have you heard the latest…? =-.

  9. This is a great simple idea, love it.
    Once we all walked up to a local waterfall in the pouring rain, it was my Mum’s idea. The energy and cold and wet were so invigorating.

  10. This is a great simple idea, love it.
    Once we all walked up to a local waterfall in the pouring rain, it was my Mum’s idea. The energy and cold and wet were so invigorating.

  11. Envy. That looks like so much fun.

    My girls love to dance naked in the rain yet loath getting in the shower. An interesting conundrum.

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