Lamenting Lost Sleep


The Good Old Days

Life as I know it is over.  My toddler has completely dropped her daytime nap, and there is nothing I can do to convince her of the value of sleep.  She was never a great day sleeper, but even one short nap was an opportunity to put my feet up, have a coffee, watch a little Dr Phil or catch up on emails (often all of them simultaneously).  Suddenly my long days seem more like a test of endurance than ever before.

Every time I get comfortable as a mum the scenery changes.  I know other mums have shared with me their frustration over this too.  Just as you feel settled with breastfeeding they start solids.  Two minutes after they have learnt to sit up on their own, they are off crawling all over the house, sending you into a mad childproofing frenzy.  And just when you have learnt to coordinate a toddler’s and infant’s routines – your toddler decides sleep is for babies! In the early years of mothering our kids grow at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to keep up with them.

I find managing the transition into a new phase a challenge, but always worth the effort.  So, after spending today lamenting, here’s my plan of attack for coping with situation I now find myself in.  I know that allowing my two year old to be on the go from 5:30am until 7pm is ludicrous.  She needs some low-stimulus time to herself and an opportunity to recharge her batteries.  I need a chance to regroup too!  So sleep time has officially been renamed “rest” time.  We’ve decided that the rule for rest time is that you need to be doing something quiet on your bed for an hour.  Read, draw, play with dolls, snooze – as long as you’re on your bed.  I set a timer, and shut her bedroom door.  When she goes to kindy next year rest time will be a normal part of her busy day, so insisting on a daily downtime now isn’t doing her any harm.  And if her little body does still need to have a sleep occasionally I know I have provided the opportunity for it.

Life as I know it isn’t over, it’s just changed slightly yet again.  What do I do during rest time?  Put my feet up, have a cuppa, and catch up on emails while watching Dr Phil of course!

3 thoughts on “Lamenting Lost Sleep

  1. I was reading this entry and nodding the whole way through. It is challenging when they go through these transitional phases. Alex is doing that at the moment – transitioning from 2 day sleeps to 1. It is a privelege to be able to watch them grow and change, though isn’t it!

  2. I’ve been dealing with this the past couple of months as well. My problem is that my two year old (three at the end of July) won’t stay in his room. I think he needs the nap since he’s aggressive and awful when he gets too tired. And like you I need an hour with Dr. Phil everyday!
    The other thing though is that when he does sleep in the day it’s starting to mean he’s awake until 10pm which is much worse. Think we’ll have to say bye-bye to naps and have quiet rest time instead.

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