Justine Clarke – Great Big Giveaway!

I’ll admit it – I am as much a fan of Justine Clarke as my children are.  She’s our favourite Playschool presenter, we have all her albums and know all her songs by heart.  So were the kids and I excited to receive a pre-release copy of her new CD before it was launched last week?  You betcha.  And thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I have THREE copies of Justine Clarke’s new album Great Big World to give away to SquiggleMum readers!

Truthfully, I was a little apprehensive as I put the CD into the car stereo.  What if it didn’t have brilliant tracks like on her first album I Like To Sing..?  What if I didn’t love it as much as her second album Songs To Make You Smile..?

As soon as the first track, Little Day Out started, I smiled and relaxed.   The kids bopped along in the back of the car, I picked up the catchy tune easily and we all sang along like the first song on the new album was already an old favourite.  Justine and her brilliant team (Dasent/Baysting/Lindsay) have again produced a fabulous album which Aussie families will adore.  As a primary school educator with a major in music I can be hard to impress – but Great Big World is a great big win for me.

The album is chock full of wonderful songs which are lyrically appropriate for young kids without being musically “dumbed down” in any way.  Climbing Up The Rainbow is fantastic early childhood song, with a melody that rises and falls as a reflection of the rainbow.  Clever, clever.  Though not my personal favourite, Happy Dog was an instant hit with my one and three year olds and has a lovely cyclic story which finishes back at the start.  My Granny Loves To Laugh is a beautiful song for kids with elderly grandparents, and Silver Ships and Golden Ships has a sweet message about friendship.  And as with previous albums, the title track is a real highlight.  Check it out for yourself!

There are 15 brand new songs to enjoy, with a range of styles which will expose kids to some variations in musical genre and ensure parents don’t tire of Great Big World too quickly!  The album winds down nicely too, with three soft, starry, beautiful tracks to lull the backseat passengers off to sleep.  If I have one criticism of the album it is only that some of the songs such as My Shadow and Me are in a key too low for young kids to sing along with.

Released April 1, Great Big World is available now in ABC shops and online.  Well priced and worth every penny, that is – if  you don’t win a copy here first!  If you’d like to win Great Big World leave a comment below either sharing your favourite Justine Clarke song, or a favourite song you and your kids like to sing together. Aussie residents only please, one entry per person, winners drawn randomly 6pm Sunday 18/4/10.

If you’re a fan, you can join Justine’s facebook fanpage here – and mine too!  And if you don’t already subscribe to Squigglemum you can do so here.


Congratulations to the winners of a copy of Great Big World:

  • Ros Gittins
  • Mon Thornton
  • Jess Fealy

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67 thoughts on “Justine Clarke – Great Big Giveaway!

  1. not sure if they are officially Justine’s songs but mr 4 loved “i like to sing” and miss 2 always starts singing “water-lemon, water-lemon” when she sees one – a bit like a little man in your life if I recall correctly…
    love your posts Cath, Thank you!!

  2. How can you go past ‘I like to sing’? It’s definitely a favourite. And my kids also have another favourite which provides lots of giggles ‘Save the bones for henry jones’ – a great song which came with a story book :)

  3. Well, this is starting to get repetitive. lol. Yep, It’s ‘I like to sing’
    I love it that Justine doesn’t pretend to the best best singer in the world. She just sings and I love it! Their styles are completely different, but her expression and appeal reminds of Colin Buchanan.

  4. I’d love to win. We are singing “Off to the library …” a lot lately (I have no idea if that is the official title of the song, sorry). Apart from that our family favourite of all time is Home Among the Gum Trees, which is the only song my husband knew the words to when we first had children.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..a handful of preschooler-approved online games =-.

  5. We are MAJOR JC fans here too! It’s all we listen to in the car. Great to hear this album is just as good. I remember feeling apprehensive about the second album too but grew to love it as much as the first.

    Our current fave song is Doin’ it from the second album. Josh loves anything to do with gardening, etc. so it’s a big hit, along with Dinosaur Roar for my youngest.

  6. oh dear – I think I am going to have Cath shaking her head in disgust when I say this – and totally blow my chances of winning an album but here goes – unfortunately we have never heard any of Justine’s songs in our house! We love watching her on Playschool but I have never listened to any of her albums – eeek!

    I’m a country girl at heart so my poor kids mostly get subjected to my music in the car – Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban etc – they sang the chorus with me the other day to Keith’s ‘Making Memories of Us’ – was beautiful hehehehe!

    The kids favourite song at the moment to sing along/dance madly around the lounge room to is ‘The Crocmen’ by Bindi Irwin – very catchy! Or anything off the ABC Kids ‘Great Australian Songbook Albums’.

    Ok so as I was typing this my 2.5 yr old Toby was sitting on my lap listening to the ‘whale’ song above and he said ‘this is a cool song mum!’. Hmmm guess I better get my hands on some Justine Clark albums and give my kids some ‘cool’ music in the car hehehehehe!

    Enjoying your posts Cath! Love seeing a new one waiting in my RSS feeds!

  7. My daughter is just one and while she hasn’t got a lot of words yet, it has been delightful to learn to watch her communicate through Justine’s songs, in particular “Dancing Face”. I must admit to peeking at her through the revision mirror in the car and she sways along to the songs and have watched as she has learned to mimick each of the actions including “wriggle your mouth, make a funny sound, poke out your tounge and move it around” ADORABLE!!!

  8. Our family favourite Justine Clarke song is ‘It’s starting to rain’, But as I write this the kids are boot scootin’ to Garth Brooks.

  9. Jess, same here, never heard one of her albums… and same again with the country music lol… currently have Faith Hill in the car!

    My little man 3yrs does love watching Play School now though – noticed Brooke Satchwell is now on there too.

  10. I had my first baby in July last year so am new to all things Justine (actually, all things ‘baby’). We haven’t got a favourite song yet but I have seen friend’s kids dancing along to Justine’s songs and look forward to doing the same thing with my little girl when she’s a bit bigger. She’s just started bopping along to music so I think now would be a great time to introduce her to some of the wonderful songs you have talked about!

  11. think my first reply went AWOL so trying again

    For Justine Clark would have to be I Like To Sing but favourites around here are any of the action songs really. Mostly off an old Playschool DVD (not CD) that Justine features on – Dino Stomp, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, 5 Cheeky Monkeys

    A new cd for the car would sure be nice (current ones on high rotation getting a bit irksome)

  12. We listen to the play ground radio on the abc website, thats where we first heard I Like to Sing!Have been wtching Justines videos on youtube, very much a groover my lil girl! We love to dance!

  13. I LOVE PLAYSCHOOL and so do my kids. Whenever Justine is on the kids yell out to me,’mum,your girl’s on!’ LOL. She has so much energy and charisma. Watermelon,comes to mind but there is also a song about painting and we call it Aunty T’s song(not sure of the actual name) as Aunty Tianni is an artist. Always brightens up the mood.

  14. We don’t have any of Justine’s CD’s either, but my eldest does love watching Play School. She has just started singing along to the children’s CDs we play in the car and loves to sing along to all the songs. My youngest just loves to dance to any music. Our favourite song would have to be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or If You’re Happy and You Know It.

  15. My kids love Colin Buchanan’s song ‘Are You Serving Capt’n Jesus’ and little L salutes and yes ‘Aye Aye Capt’n’ and then dances the ‘hornpipe’ (is that what its called?).

    I’d love to add a bit of variety into their music with some Justine.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Photo of the Day – April 9 =-.

  16. My boys and I love The Gumtree Family song from “I love to sing” but we add our own twist to it by changing the characters to describe ourselves and then sing… “part of the Martin Family!”

  17. Justine is our favourite Playschool presenter too, and if she is on with Jai then we are in heaven in our house! We have a Playschool dvd which has a very funny exchange between the two of them playing with sand. Justine makes a cake and puts a candle on it and starts singing happy birthday to herself. Jai comes over, says “I think you’re a bit older than one Justine!” and destroys the cake. The looks on their faces cracks me up each time.

    We sing most songs off the first cd (or dvd) in our case, and LOVED seeing her on stage a couple of years ago when the second one was released.

    I always smile and feel slightly odd when other presenters sing the songs…
    .-= amandab´s last blog ..Dealing With It =-.

  18. I am starting again with children songs for my 15 month old. My older 3 are 11, 13,and 18.

    When the older 3 were younger we loved ‘ants in your pants’ by the Bunyips. And we couldn’t go past the Wiggles.

    And now, like most replies, we enjoy Justine’s watermelon song and ‘I like to sing'(lala lala la la laa laa la)

  19. I like Watermelon, but also have a mixture of playschool songs on CD that Justine sings some of, and we love those songs a lot.

  20. I’m a Kindy teacher so I’m not familiar with Justine Clarke (being at school at playschool time) but I’ve love hear some of her work. At Kindy my students favourite songs seem to be the nursery rhyme variations like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Daddy Had a Motor Car and Humpty Dumpty Sat in a Chair, While the Barber Cut His Hair. They also really enjoy Little Peter Rabbit.
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..a flump of a day =-.

  21. This is a whole new world for me. My son is 21 months and we are starting out on this whole music journey together. I’m not much of a music lover so I’m trying to instill more of an appreciation in him. Open Shut them is probably his fave song we sing together.

  22. My absolute fave Justine song is ‘dancing face’. It’ll bring a smile to even the most frowniest face :0)

  23. my son and i love to sing twinkle twinkle little star! this cd would help to expand out our music minds!

  24. We love a good Justine song in the car or at home. Miss M’s favourite is ‘I Like to Sing’, mine is ‘The Dancing Chicken’ and we all like to boogie to ‘Tickle Yourself’. Lots of fun songs for kids…..and mummys. Thanks for running such a fun comp Cath.
    .-= BusyBrissyMum´s last blog ..Where You Go, I’ll Follow…. =-.

  25. My girls love Justine’s ‘I like to sing’ – they both know it off by heart – actually that’s the case with all her songs! Love your blog, just found it and am now back reading with a cup of tea in hand :)
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Elijah Malachi =-.

  26. My girls and I play ‘dancing face’ over and over in front of the mirror and try to pull the funniest dancing faces!
    Love Love Love Justine!

  27. We want Justine to come to Mudgee!
    We saw her in concert in Brisbane and she is even better live! We rotate her first 2 CDs in the car and love that we can all sing a long and dance to her music dvd. Hard to pick a favourite, but we started with Dancing Face, then I like to Sing and my favourite is ‘song to make you smile’, and ‘do’n it’ is great too. but then there is witchy poo & watermelon…

  28. Sad, but I don’t know of her. I watched playschool when Simon and Trisha were on it! I loved playschool.

    Maybe, a little too much.

    One of my favourite songs is, I’m a Dingle-Dangle Scarecrow. It is the best song. That or Wind Your Bobbin Up.

    I have a large repetoire of songs. For almost all age groups :)
    .-= miss carly´s last blog ..Advertising =-.

  29. I recently taught my kids ‘This is the day that the Lord had made.’ An old song I learnt in my school day. The kids just love in. My Miss Four sings it all the time.

    Would love to add a new CD is our collection. Thanks.

    .-= kitkit chow´s last blog ..My Emotional Side =-.

  30. YAY! We would love a copy at our house. I must admit that the song that gets stuck in my head the most is I like to sing. We are still fans of twinkle, twinkle little star and the other basics here as well. Thanks for the giveaway. Lou.
    .-= Buttons by Lou Lou´s last blog ..Frog, goose and bear… =-.

  31. Hi Cath,
    We love to listen to the “I Like to Sing” album in the car too, and the title track is also one of our favourites. The song about Swinging is also a hit with my todder. It’s also her favourite thing to do! Fingers crossed with this comp :)

  32. Definately the Gumtree song – everytime (yes, everytime) it is on, I have to “guess” the answer of the animal living under the gumtree when Justin sings the words – oh and I’m not allowed to sing along, only guess the answer – such strict rules!!

  33. I would have to say that our fave song of Justine’s would be ‘I like to Sing’, but we don’t have any of her CD’s unfortunately. We’ve mainly listened to Justine’s songs on ABC for Kids or Nick Jr, but my youngest daughter, Zoe (2yrs), loves her music.

    We currently have a Nursery Rhyme CD playing in the car which is fun to sing along with but I’m getting a little tired of it now. It would be lovely to have some fresh songs to sing along to.

    Thanks Cath!

  34. Well,

    I love to sing with my daughter Emily. We sing all day long.

    Justine is also one of our favourite play school presenters and I have popped into our local ABC store a couple of times recently only to find they are out of stock for JC DVDs and CDs!

    Thanks Cath.

  35. we love to sing, anything, made up songs, any songs and replace the words to fit the context we are in and silly songs about branches that make no sense but appeal to a 4 yo boys sense of humour. the 16 month old likes to sing happy birthday and grins from ear to ear when it is sung. song birds both

  36. ‘Dancing Face’ has always been a favourite in our car – I wonder what other drivers think as I dramatically make the faces while singing… But my favourite for the lyrics are ‘Mrs Knife and Mr Fork':
    There’s soapy water in the sink
    And Mrs Knife gets Mr Fork
    To go slippery dancing
    Underneath the kitchen moon

  37. Watermelon, watermelon, I love you love watermelon…………

    We looovvee to sing this song, in the car, at home, when we are shopping, etc etc.

    My 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son love to use the tunes for all sorts too…..

    playdough, playdough, I love you love playdough…….
    easter eggs, easter eggs, I love you love easter eggs…..

    Need I say any more, yeap you’re right, we are all huge fans of Justine in this house, kids and adults alike.

    Kind regards, Mandy.
    .-= Mandy´s last blog ..Apr 10, Travel Games for Children, Kids Travel Games, Travel Games for Kids =-.

  38. My Not So Fun Justine Experience!

    So payment was made for three tickets to Justine’s concert and Cd release of ‘Songs To Make You Smile’ I had spent the weeks leading up to the concert playing the CD ‘I Like To Sing!’ and learning all the words with Annabel and Charlie..

    We were so excited and began counting down the days till Justine!!! The morning arrived…
    Snacks and lunch were packed! With our smiles and singing voices we drove to the concert center, parked the car put Charlie in the stroller, got the food bag and marched up to the door! I had thought it odd that i hadn’t seen any other mums n bubs… but proceeded on anyway!… only to get to the counter to be told the concert was on yesterday and we had missed it!!!!!!!

    Red faced and with tears we got back into the car .. went to the park and had a picnic, leaving the car doors open with Justine Playing “really” loud from the car CD!

    Thankfully we can all laugh about it now!

  39. We love Justine! She’s so great on Playschool, really natural. We love “I like to sing’, and my daughter loves it when I sing “Swinging” to her when she’s on the swing (of course!). Can’t wait to hear the new CD. :)

  40. The girls and I like to sing Mr Clickety Cane together – a crazy song, but lots of fun. We also love the first Justine CD.

  41. Oooh, we’re big Justine fans here too! We love her on Playschool and all her music. Gotta jump on the bandwagon and name “I like to sing” as our favourite song too. The boys get a-bopping whenever she comes on, however, regardless of what she’s singing! She’s the perfect presenter for kids of this age. We <3 Justine :)
    .-= Karen Collum´s last blog ..Sign on the dotted line =-.

  42. Watermelon, Watermelon is definately the favourite in our car. With 3 little boys singing along in the back, I think cars going by wonder why on earth we are all having so much fun!

  43. We have her `I like to sing’ DVD. The kids love every song!! I love how the 9 yr old likes it as much as the 2 yr olds! To pick a favorite…mmm that’s hard. 9 yr old says `Watermelon’ the 2 yr old twins love `Hop Hop Hop Hippity Hop’ and my 5 yr old loves `I like to Sing’ and I love `The Dancing Chicken’

    We would love the new CD!

  44. We unfortunatley do not have any of Justine Clarke’s CDs but my little miss 3 loves to sing to almost anything. She knows some of the songs off these CDs especially Watermelon … most probably from exposure at child care and kindy.

  45. I adore Justine Clarke, its been so wonderful finding a cd that I enjoy as much as my girls. We have so many favourites its hard to pick one but I love Gum Tree Family especially, as well as Watermelon and Dancing face.

  46. My son loves singing “Watermelon” while the juice from the piece he stuffed into his mouth runs down his chin and arms! We don’t have any Justine CD’s yet but we’d sure love to start collecting them…

  47. We recently sang Gum Tree Family all around Healesville Sanctuary!! We also really love to sing along to Doin’ It in the car. Ned used to go to sleep everytime we played Rainbows to him.
    .-= lou´s last blog ..Five Favs =-.

  48. I am just starting to collect some CDs for my 8 month old. I love ‘watermelon’ – seems appropriate as we both enjoyed some today.

  49. Oooh would love a copy of this CD! I think my 2 young sons would love it! My 2 yr old looooves to dance :-)

  50. We dont have any of Justine’s CD’s but my 2yo loves to sing & dance to Lollypop & we also know Watermelon too. We would love to win a copy!!

  51. My 6mth old son Banyan and I are new to the fantastic world of Justine Clarke. We dance around the kitchen in the morning singing “Watermelon, Watermelon, I love you love watermelon…..” I must admit that I catch myself humming away to the gumtree family song and the hop hippity hop song during the night time feeds.

    We’re hooked!!! Thanks Justine for a fun alternative to the wiggles.

  52. This would be absolutely wonderful!!! My daughter loves music and she always beams when we sing the playschool or sesame street theme songs. She also love when we sing a song from Sesame Street, we call it Laundromat, but I don’t think it has a name really but it always makes her stop whatever she is doing and boogie. Who would have thought a song about a washing machine could be so great!

  53. We are all HUGE Justine fans in this house: Mum, Dad and our 2-year old daughter!

    It is a bit hard to pick just one favourite song for our daughter – she loves pulling funny faces to “Dancing Face”, creeping a worm up her arm during “Doin’ It” and singing “Off to the Library” when we are indeed going to the library! But best of all is when she gets a balloon and pretends it is an umbrella and dances to “It’s Starting to Rain”, including rolling on the floor.

    Dad’s favourite song is “The Gumtree Family” – it is on repeat in the car ;)

    And my favourite would have to be “Song to make you smile” as our daughter always comes and sits in my lap for a cuddle when this song is on :)

    We would LOVE to add her third album to our collection :)

  54. We have only been recently introduced into the world of Justine Clarke. My 2yo has always enjoyed some of my music. His favourites at the moment are The Ramones Blotzkreig Bop (he just knows “piling in the backseat”), and Dolly partons 9-5 (go figure?) He performs a very heavy metal worthy head mosh to both songs!

    Since he has developed an interest in playschool, however, it seems that he is beginning to form a little crush on Justine. Imagine his surprise when he saw her come on to sing a song (I think it was about cultery?) and playschool wasn’t even on! It made his day :-)

  55. Although we don’t have Justine’s previous album, we love watching her on Playschool. My 3.5 yr old son and I sing (badly but enthusiatically) morning, noon and night!

  56. we love Justine!… watermelon is the family favorite!…and thats a family of 6.. from 2 adults,to ,16yrs…10yrs…7yrs..then 2yrs…

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