Rainy Days

img_5767I was racking my brain for a rainy day activity this week when a thought occurred to me.  What activity can you only do in wet weather?  Play in the rain of course!  So today we went outside – not despite the weather, but rather because of it.  We delighted in putting on our raincoats and pulling on gumboots, ready to explore the sloshy backyard.

We looked at the way water droplets sat like diamonds on leaves.  We hunted for creepy crawlies that came out during a break in the rain.  We found secret hiding places under branches to escape the downpour.  And it was fun!  I had anticipated that we’d spend 30 minutes or so outside.  An hour and a half later our hungry tummies dragged us back into the house.  Besides, the sun had come out and we were starting to swelter in our raincoats.


Come and hide with me Mummy!

Although I grew up playing lots of rough and tumble outdoor games as a child myself, I am sometimes too precious with my own kids.  It’s right to keep them out of the sun on hot days, and rug them up in cold weather.  It’s right to make sure they are playing in a safe place free from obvious hazards.  But it’s easy to be over-protective and I often I need to just loosen up and let them be kids.  The worst thing that happened today was that they got a little wet.  Big deal!

6 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Sometimes, she looks so much like you Cath! And my, what lovely wet weather gear!! What a good idea!! Did she find any worms this time?

  2. Good fun hey! Ella (almost 4 yo) out there y’day nudey rudey in the rain, just a pink umbrella between her and the elements and loving every minute of it. Can I ask where the raincoat and gumboots from? Ella asking for some for her upcoming bday (would have to be pink to match umbrella of course). Avoiding the shops as much as possible these days (too much temptation – not enough money) so lose track of where to get the good stuff. Perhaps the ‘favourite aunty’ could reveal her source and save me some tracking down time. Would be very appreciative. Thanks Cath and thanks for making time to write too. PS Did you get in touch with Nat M (Maroochydore MBC MOPS)?

  3. Sure! The gumboots were from Cocoon at Paddington, and the raincoat was a luck find at Pumpkin Patch. I also saw some cool strippy boots in both blue(keeping in mind for when Reuben is a similar age) and pink on mykeiko.com.au with matching raincoats. There was also an umbrella, but I don’t think it lasted beyond Christmas Day!! It was Kiddorable from Peter’s of Kengsington. Hope this helps! And good luck!

  4. I saw some lovely children’s gumboots recently at Gleam O’Dawn, Mt Glorious Rd Samford. They were more heavy duty than the usual kiddy gumboots so perfect if your child is a chronic outdoor kid or if they are to be used in tougher surrounds such as sloping ground or heaps of mud.

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