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I love writing posts for my own blog here at SquiggleMum, but the blogosphere is a community and I also contribute elsewhere as much as I am able.  Community is about giving and not just getting.  Community is about belonging, supporting, encouraging, and coming along side.  (The pics above are of me meeting up with many members of the online community.  Still so many I’d love to meet, especially over there in the west!!)

This week I seem to be everywhere other than on my own blog – but that’s ok, because I’m out in the wonderful community of online Aussie mamas.  Here’s where you can find me this week.  I’d love you to come and be part of the community too by leaving a comment on these posts.

Find me at:

  • Fat Mum Slim – the gorgeous through-and-through Chantelle has featured me in her Everyday Everybody segment.  Wanna know when I last spoke to a police officer?  Or what time I get to bed?  Or if I can keep a secret…?  (Oh and she did that sweet polaroid thing with my photo.  Love it!)
  • Adventures With Kids – Come on a virtual tour of Australia!  This week it’s Brisbane’s turn, so I’m taking you on a tour of my hometown.  If you’ve ever thought about coming to Brissy for a holiday, check out this post for my tips on where to go and what to see.  There are a few cute pics of the kids and I too.  If you’re a local – feel free to add your suggestions on other highlights in our area.
  • Parenting Australia – I’d really love your comments on this week’s post about setting boundaries with kids, especially boys!  It’s called Letting Go of No. I’ve always been firm with boundaries, but I’m starting to wonder if I need to relax a little with my son.  Any mamas out there with boys older than mine (17mths) like to share their thoughts?  Oh, and if you missed my Parenting Australia post last week on allergies, it’s here.  I interviewed my beautiful friend Beck who deals with her son’s allergies on a daily basis.
  • Connect2Mums – if you’re a blogging mama, a WAHM or a mum with a small business – you’ll be right at home at Connect2Mums.  There are heaps of groups you can join up to, regular chat nights, comps and more.  I write the Connect2Bloggers column and also run the Christian mums group.  You’ll need to sign up, but it’s free.  I wrote about social media for the Connect2Bloggers column this week.

6 thoughts on “Part of the Blogging Community

  1. It is a wonderful community isn’t it Cath… I feel so privileged to be able to meet other mums like you because of places like Connect 2 Mums!

  2. Thanks so much! I’m really proud to be a part of such a talented and supportive community of women and am so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you both on and offline, without connect2mums this would never have happened, feeling pretty grateful right now!
    Peace xx

  3. That Miss Honey comment from your student (FatMumSlim interview) so very sweet. As a teacher I bet you could have lived off that compliment alone for many years.
    Love it!

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