Catalogue Double Up

Last week we received two copies of the same catalogue in the mail.  I flipped through the first one, ignored the duplicate and put them both into the recycling.  I dredged them back out again though when my daughter asked if she could so some “snipping” with junk mail.  While my son napped we had some fun one-on-one time together playing junk mail games.  Here’s what we did with our doubled up catalogues:

Game #1 – Can you find…?

We played a simple finding game, with “snipping” of course!  We took turns asking questions and cutting out the matching picture.  Can you find a spotty shoe? Can you find a boy with a lollypop? Lots of good learning, language and skill building going on here – but really we just played for fun!

Game #2 – Snap

We folded A4 paper into quarters and “snipped” along the folds to make game cards.  Then we glued on all the matching pictures we’d cut out and played SNAP!  Much of the language we had used in describing the pictures in game #1 resurfaced.

Game #3 – Memory

We had 20 game cards all up, which is more than I would usually use for a game of memory with a 3yr old.  However, because she knew the pictures so well from the last two games she coped with it wonderfully.  Hmm… lollypop boy and spotty shoe – that’s not a match Mummy! I think she had a name for every game card.

We had a great time together and my daughter was a little disappointed when her brother woke up.  I hadn’t planned any of these games.  They just naturally flowed out of a simple request for “snipping” and a quick evaluation of the resources we had available at the time.  I didn’t teach during them either.  I just let the learning happen, and was pleased to come along for the ride.

(One day she’ll work out that they’re not called “snissors” even though they are for snipping…)


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10 thoughts on “Catalogue Double Up

  1. great ideas

    We often pick up a couple on the way into the supermarket, they often have them at the front counter. Especially the ones with healthy food.

  2. There is so much language stimulation that can come from old catalogues. I used to use them (as a Speech Pathologist) in categorisation (fruit, toys, clothes), looking for objects by their function (which one can cut?), describing (by colour, shape, size, number, texture), and matching games as you described. If you get the right pictures, they are also much more interesting for sound/ articulation work than using photocopied line drawings. Sounds like you had a nice afternoon!

  3. I love that games that are played during one on one times seem to naturally involve great learning and language opportunities. No need to be specific, just focus on the fun and learning happen :)

    Of course my Miss 3 loves the attention the learning is just a bonus for mum

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