Seriously Sleep Deprived (Parenting Aus)

A couple of weeks ago the results of a ten year Australian study were released, refuting once and for all the notion of Mummy Brain.  But I say the phrase will stick around, because most of us know that our forgetful and even irrational behaviour following the birth of a baby has nothing to do with brain changes and everything to do with sleep deprivation. Duh.

Saying you have “mummy-brain” is coded language for I-can’t-sleep-I-can’t-concentrate-I’m-struggling-don’t-judge-me.  That’s quite a mouthful, huh?  Mummy-brain is much easier to say, and is well understood by other mothers.  We cut each other slack when we hear that phrase, for good reason…

Jump over to Parenting Australia for the rest of the article.  Do you think the term “mummy brain” will stick around?

(PS – pic is of me just home from hospital following my son’s birth in 2008, seriously sleep deprived!)

6 thoughts on “Seriously Sleep Deprived (Parenting Aus)

  1. I always thought it was referred to as “Baby brain” but it might just be a local term.

    Referring to it actually having other causes might acknowledge that other carers of the bub (say, the other parent) might be suffering too!
    .-= Fiona´s last blog ..Rest for the Wicked =-.

  2. Oh it does get better, but they grow so fast and you will get some sleep soon – in about 6 months! agggg

    so cute – its worth it and baby brain is a god excuse for anything

  3. So True! I tell you, it’s amazing how Mothers can function on such little sleep. I have a giggle anytime I hear a teenager say they are tired. I never knew tired until I became a mother. In those times when I’m so tired I fall asleep standing up I pray, “Please God!” and that’s about all I can manage.

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