My Little Postman

There once was a boy who loved to post.

He could post anything, anywhere.

He posted things in the bin

and the toilet

and the dishwasher

and the laundry basket

and the sink.

He posted through the verandah slats

and out of windows.

The boy’s mother made him a postbox so that he could post sensibly,

but the boy was not interested in sensible.

He was interested in interesting.

It’s interesting to post necklaces in toilets.

It’s interesting to post toys in the bin.

It’s interesting to see Mummy’s reaction.

*  *  *

Anyone else been through this interesting phase and have any suggestions to share?  It’s driving me crazy!

16 thoughts on “My Little Postman

    Good one mr 17months

    We are currently in the boom boom stage in which anything resembling a stick is used to bash the nearest person on the head.

    You can by toilet clips at bunnings. Might not be helpful for miss 3 though.

    maybe a few interesting containers around the house to post things into. Screw top containers, old milk bottles etc in good eye view. Cut some interesting shape holes into them???

    If all else fails you can introduce him to the boom boom phase, you might just want to walk around with a helmet on.

    I hope this picture makes it onto the wall at his 21st.
    .-= Rizoleey´s last blog ..Busy Busy Busy =-.

  2. My sister’s little boy liked to post whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet. no solutions sorry, but you aren’t alone!

  3. Hmm, I have some ideas but I’m not sure if he would give up what he is doing (they are mainly redirecting).

    A sensory box – I’ve made using small containers with a small hole for hands – different materials (rice, flour etc) the putting his hand in action would be the link.

    Grab a tissue box (used) and have him place the items into the shoe box? Like toys etc could be made into a game where he sees if it can fit :)

    I did have another buy have forgotten :(
    .-= miss carly´s last blog ..Giveaway – Apooki =-.

  4. This is very cute! We went through the posting stage but not quite to this extent. We only “posted” in the bin, any drawers left slightly ajar, through the venetian blinds and under lounges. Thankfully, our bathroom door is kept closed, so we avoided the toilet and nappy buckets (though I see you have a three year old, so probably need easy access to the bathroom). Apart from “sensible posting” and also teaching appropriate use of the posted toys (e.g. cups for drinking not posting), can’t help much. Of course, I guess keep in mind that “this too shall pass”!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Love Language #3 – Quality Time =-.

  5. Just wait til he DOES decide to use the real postbox – you will not get a moment’s peace until you make him a letter or card (actually MANY letters and cards!) to post in it for him to find!!!! How do I know? Miss 13 was a big postie fan!

  6. How frustrating for you. This is along similar lines to my next blog post which I am just formulating in my head.

    Redirecting doesn’t work for me, yet it is the only suggestion I have for you. It’s tricky when our children are so focussed. An admirable, but difficult quality at 3 yrs old. Well, difficult for us maybe :-)

    .-= Christine Holroyd´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday : Valentines Day Display =-.

  7. I seem to recall his big sister loved to post too. I wonder what you were like at his age!?! Any ideas from nanna?

  8. that is just am awesome photo! LOVE it!

    My girls had a huge toilet fetish when they were about one, just walking and desperate to put anything and everything, including themselves in the toilet. We had to put a lock on the outside of the door to keep them out! LOL
    .-= katef´s last blog ..Ducky Love =-.

  9. my 4 year old son was just peeking over my shoulder as i looked at this post with the above photo and he giggled and said “hah! a dog in the toilet—looks like the doggy is going pooh”. maybe your little boy is trying to inmitate (with his toys) your 3 year old using the toilet. although, i realize it doesn’t stop with the toilet, so maybe not. but my boy got a laugh out it.

  10. I laughed when I read your post but thought “I’ve got no suggestions”, but the more I think on it …
    My baby is also at a posting stage, but he doesn’t seem quite as obsessed as your son. But he does like these 2 slightly forbidden activities (which I supervise from a distance) – posting the tokens in the Connect 4 game and putting plastic shop cards in and out of a wallet. I’ve kept them as not readily available games, so that he thinks he is in luck when he managees to get his hands on something casually left on the couch.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Australia With Kids – Darwin =-.

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