Teeny-Agers (Parenting Aus)

I’m having a bit of a rant over at Parenting Australia this week regarding fashion for young girls.  I didn’t mean to get up on my soap box, but I feel so strongly about some of the clothes that we are “supposed” to be dressing our kids in and the messages we are giving them.

When did we decide to skip childhood and fast track our babes from tots to teens? This week’s junk mail catalogues are sitting beside me as I type.  Maybe at 31 I’m getting old (??), but this is what I see.  I see pages of little girls dressed in sequins, studs and chains.  I see short shorts and short skirts.  I see leggings under some of those short garments so we can pretend they’re not as short as they really are.  I see knee high boots with leopard print leggings.  And I see slogans that range from arrogant to inappropriate.  Three year olds need clothes for cubbies, not for clubbing!

I’d love your thoughts on this topic, either here or over on the original post.  I’ve already had a lovely journalist from New Idea on the phone this morning interviewing me on the subject so it’s obviously a hot topic right now…

8 thoughts on “Teeny-Agers (Parenting Aus)

  1. I am a mother to two pre teens (11 and 9 yrs) and I allow my girls to chose their own clothes to a point..I will not allow them to dress like they are 18 or older as I think that by doing so I am robbing them of their childhood and not leaving anything for them to try out for when they are older. I know my eldest child gets teased at school dances for example because of the clothes she wears. Some of the other girls go wearing what I would think their mothers would wear to go out clubbing and things that are HIGHLY inappropriate for primary school kids (high heals, bustiers, SHORT studded skirts, make up to sink the Titanic etc). Its not even just the younger mothers allowing their kids to do this, I see mothers in their 40’s dressing their kids like this to go out at pre teen ages. Maybe those mothers are remembering not being the most popular kid at school or have their own inferiority complex going on there..who knows..but really..you dont need to keep up with the fashion magazines ladies. Let your girls be girls for goodness sakes, we all know how hard it is to really be an adult..let them have carefree happy days while they can! Luckily I am not a ‘brand’ junkie mum..I actually go out of my way to NOT buy brand name clothing as I saw what happened to my friends when they had kids and started only buying brand name clothes..when their kids hit pre teens they would refuse to wear anything BUT brand clothes..so I taught my own kids to not get caught up in the hype of the brand…anyway..better go..didn’t mean for this to be a book. Please ladies..your girls are only small for a short while. Don’t push them into thinking they need to show off anything they might have one day to be loved..show them that its ok for people to love them for being themselves..and to have respect for themselves..cheap pub tarts are everywhere these days..aim a bit higher I say!

  2. oh..forgot to add..my daughter likes to wear short shorts and she is allowed to. At home. If we go out she must be dressed properly, even if its to the shops. My youngest daughter also wears boots a lot. She loves them and they dont look crass on her, but they also are not high heeled boots. I also dont think leopard print stockings are bad for them to wear for example..though I would draw the line at fishnet stockings! lol I think things like leopard print stocking..go well with some of their plain clothes, its when you pile up inappropriate things that it gets over the top..just be reasonable and dress to age I think is better. They can wear fun clothes like on pop video’s…just dont make them think that they NEED to dress like that to be popular or trendy at their age..Mine dress up a lot at home..even when they have their friends over..its just not appropriate to wear that stuff out like an adult would..to me anyway! Or what will they have to look forward to doing when they ARE 16 or 18 if they get to do it all now?? Give them confidence to wear clothes that they feel pretty in now.

  3. I think it’s so important to dress to their age.
    I loathe the typical types of clothing that is around the department stores.

    There really is no need for my four year old to dress like she’s 14.

  4. I totally agree! It may be difficult to have to deal with the fallout when we have to refuse our children’s wants and address certain issues…. but as parents it’s what we signed up for!

  5. I think we, as parents, need to let money talk and walk away with our purses firmly zipped when it comes to tarty, inappropriate clothing choices. I also resist buying any licensed clothing for my daughter, she is not a walking billboard. I think tweens and teens can look hip and cool without being inappropriate and it is about being open in communicating with them and negotiating suitable compromises.
    .-= Christie @ Childhood 101´s last blog ..The ABC of Child Care: D is for Daily Record =-.

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