The Rainbow Skirt

I’ve had so many comments or emails asking about the skirt my daughter was wearing in the Mooo Giveaway photos that I thought I should just dedicate a post to the story of the rainbow skirt.


It was her first fashion lust.  We were looking for a skirt to wear with tights and boots, and I found a nice corduroy layered skirt at a good price in Myer that did the job nicely.  Of course as it was mid-winter, the new summer stock was just arriving on the shelves and she fell head over heels in love with the light weight, colourful, swishy skirt.  I understood the attraction as it was a gorgeous skirt, but she really didn’t need it and I don’t want my kids to think that they can always have something just because they like it.  Especially at full price!  (LOL)  So she reluctantly agreed to try on the sensible winter skirt instead and I talked her into it.  I also said that we could see if the other skirt came on sale some time.

From that day on, every time we went to the shops she would ask if we needed to go to Myer.  And every time she would seek out the rainbow skirt and check the tag to see if it was on sale.  She would touch the layers of fabric and I just knew she was imagining herself in the swirly colours.  Really, I could have bought it for her there and then, but I was teaching something important.  We must have checked those skirts half a dozen times, and even I was beginning to wonder if they’d sell out before they were reduced!

She had been such a good sport about waiting for her skirt that I decided I had better go and get one and put it aside for her as a present.  And wouldn’t you know it?  That very day her rainbow skirt was on the front page of the Myer catalogue, drastically reduced.  I threw the kids in the car and we went straight there.  We didn’t wander slowly in… oh no.  I pushed the stroller at light speed and dragged my toddler straight to the children’s department.  Before my daughter could even say, “Mummy please can we check to see if my skirt is on sale…?” I had one in my hot little hand.  Her jaw nearly hit the floor.

She didn’t get it immediately.  We had already made a star chart to encourage her to stay in bed til 6:30am as she had been getting up particularly early.  I don’t usually go for big rewards, but this was perfect timing.  I hung the skirt up in her room, and she had to stay in her bed til 6:30am for TEN sleeps to finish the star chart and take down her rainbow skirt.  She was so very proud of herself when she could take down her skirt, and I think she wore it for a week straight.

Lessons she learnt:

  1. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean you get it.
  2. Good things come to those who wait.
  3. It feels great to work for something and earn it.

Lessons I learnt:

  1. Practical skirt = 5 wears
  2. Rainbow skirt = 50+ wears
  3. Sometimes it’s ok to be frivolous.

PS – you’ve still got til Sunday to enter my Mooo giveaway and win a $50 voucher.  But no, the skirt is not for sale…

15 thoughts on “The Rainbow Skirt

  1. Very cute story! I have three boys so we’ve never had that fashion passion here (except from me!) She looks gorgeous, what a great eye for style she has! x
    .-= Peace Mitchell´s last blog ..vlog =-.

  2. What a great story :) I haven’t had that fashion passion in my house either (probably because I have boys). It was great reading about the lessons your daughter learned. And it is a stunning skirt.

  3. I love it! My daughter has just started liking certain girlie clothes now. I let her have things only if the item is decent (no slogans, skulls, rock star images, etc). I must take on your tips above as I want to get her to understand the power of waiting, etc.

  4. A beautiful skirt but more importantly some great lessons learnt. It makes me want to try harder to teach my girls when they covet a special item.

  5. What a wonderful teaching/learning opportunity. My eldest was given the same skirt for her birthday, and it has now been passed on to my second daughter. They still disagree about who will wear it because it is just so pretty!
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..One-on-One Time =-.

  6. Thanks for that Cath. I’m sure there are now left now. Also a lesson I think Ella needs to learn. She certainly doesn’t understand that you can’t always have everything that you want straight away.

  7. We have that skirt…. times 2!

    My girls have been in love with since they saw a friend wearing it about two years ago. When I saw them in Myers (about the same time as you I think) I had to buy them as a special surprise. Totally impractical but so loved… and I always remember that the clothes I love the most are the ones I wear the most and therefore practical or not, value for money!
    .-= katepickle´s last blog ..School Food. =-.

  8. Thank you for sharing this story :) It’s a beautiful skirt :) and some very important lessons were learned on both sides :)

    i have a girl among 3 boys and we have a beautiful skirt put aside for my daughters 7th birthday (end of february)… we have had this skirt put aside since before xmas and it’s pretty and frilly and everything that my daughter loves in clothing. She’s seen a pic of it and would love it but as tempted as i am to give it to her i have held on to it …. it’s been hard not to just give it to her but i want her to treasure the skirt and the memories that will go with it….

    thank you again for sharing :)

  9. Cath, another great post. There were a lot of wonderful lessons learnt there. The post struck a particular chord with me though because we too have a rainbow skirt. I’ve experienced first hand the joy it can bring and my daughter is still squeezing into her size 4 skirt at age 6. I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of it.

  10. Hi

    I was wondering where you got the skirt from, my daughter had exactly the same and really loved it but last week she ripped it while she was out.



  11. Today I bought the this rainbow skirt for my five year old daughter in a second hand store for children clothes and she loves it too! As the brand Milkshake is here in Switzerland and Europe not know I googled it and found your wonderful story.
    Many greetings from Switzerland where Spring is coming soon. Sandra

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