Three Easy Wreaths

Nothing acknowledges that you are embracing Christmas quite like a wreath on the front door.  It says, “We’re happy it’s Christmas and we’re happy you’re here too!”  Have you got one on your door yet?  If not, here are three super easy wreaths you can make with your toddler, all using paper plates as an inexpensive base.


For each of the wreaths, start with a plain paper plate.  Cut into the centre of the plate and remove the inner circle.  How much of each wreath your child will be able to do independently will vary.  As a rough guide though:

  • One year olds+ can stick paper onto blobs of glue.
  • Two year olds+ can spread glue and stick on precut paper.
  • Three year olds+ can do some cutting, glue independently and have their own ideas on how to approach tasks.

You might like to have a go at one of these easy wreaths…

1.  Hand wreath.  Trace around your child’s hand onto Christmas wrapping paper, or coloured paper.  Fold the paper over so that you can cut out several at the same time.  Paste the hands onto the wreath overlapping slightly.  Attach hanging ribbon.  Alternatively you could paint little hands and do lovely handprints, then cut out when dry – if you don’t mind mess!  (These three hand wreaths were made by toddlers aged 14mths, 18mths and 3 – with varying degrees of adult support.)


2.  Leaf wreath.  Inspired by Caro’s leaf hunt we searched the backyard for interesting leaves and collected a fantastic array of green, yellow, red and purple leaves.  Using PVA glue we attached these to our paper plate ring.  To add some Christmas sparkle we also glued on sequins and attached some jingly bells.  This wreath turned out so well and is currently on our front door!


3.  Ribbon wrapped wreath.  This was one probably the most challenging for us.  It was definitely a team effort as I helped my three year old to wind the ribbons round and around, through the centre of the ring, without getting tangled up!  She got frustrated at times, but we persisted and she got the hang of it.  We used ribbon scraps from our giftwrapping box, and secured them at the back of the paper plate ring with sticky tape.


Do you have any other suggestions for wreaths toddlers can make?  Leave a comment below, or blog your ideas and I’ll link you up here!

Amanda has another paper plate idea.

19 thoughts on “Three Easy Wreaths

  1. Ah, now I see why you asked if a had a wreath on my front door! Will endeavour to rectify by next christmas…!

  2. Oh my goodness. Is that Lily in the pic? She’s grown sooo much. I guess kids do that. lol. Great idea, the wreaths. You really have a talent.

  3. We just had fun doing this with wrapping paper. We did have an advent wreath to do today but with snow falling I’m not brave enough to go out to get the evergreen stuff to make it all.

    We’ve taken a few pictures down and are using the picture hooks to hang our wreaths on.
    .-= Melitsa´s last blog ..RPT: 2 Mara Kaplan 50 toys in 50 days =-.

  4. Thanks for popping over to Ireland to say “hi”.

    Was just chatting about handprint wreaths this morning in Sunday School!

    All great ideas – perfect for me to do with my 3 some cold, wet, dark winter afternoon, while you bake in the heat!

  5. Cath,
    love the Leaf wreath (and thanks for the mention). Probably going on the Today show soon to talk about Christmas ideas for kids – so will mention it as an idea – crediting you of course! xx

  6. Love the leaf wreath, especially well-positioned with the purple leaves matching the purple door. We will be doing that one as it is very appropriate living in the bush.

  7. They are gorgeous – and clever in their simplicity!

    The wreath on our front door was made by my daughter, with her grandmother, a few years ago – i guess she was 6 or so at the time. They bent a coathanger into a wreath shape, (cutting off the hanging bit but you could keep that)then tied many strips of platic bags onto the wire. It was all spray painted gold and some baubles were tied on along with a gold ribbon for hanging it by. It looks really effective, used recyled materials (so was cheap) and kep them busy for some time!

  8. Thank you for this wonderful idea :) We recently made some wreaths using this idea, they were so easy to make and the boys had loads of fun making them :)

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