Don't Break the Bank (Parenting Aus)

PArectangleThis year is disappearing… fast!  My calendar is already filling up with end of year breakups and Christmas parties, and there are so many people I need to thank.

…But how do you say thank you without breaking the bank? Is the pricetag on the gift really a representation of how grateful you are?

In my years as a teacher I received many, many end of year gifts. Some cost a lot and some cost very little. The ones that I still have today are priceless. They are stuck into scrapbooks, safely stowed in the bottom of my bookcase. My priceless gifts? Page after page of letters and cards in childish scrawl, or from grateful parents, saying… thank you Mrs O.

With that in mind, jump over to Parenting Australia for the rest of this post and my list of budget friendly thank you gift ideas.  Just remember to include a thank you note.  Do you have any other ideas to add…?  Feel free to comment here or over at Parenting Australia.

2 thoughts on “Don't Break the Bank (Parenting Aus)

  1. I really like the idea of a Christmas Decoration – we might do that this year and bake some sweets like one of the comments suggested, especially since Emma likes cooking so much.

  2. Thanks Cath, I hadn’t thought of stationary. I have given coffee vouchers (Gloria Jeans have them in $5 and $10 denominations) or ice cream vouchers (Cold Rock)but love the idea of seedlings too. As well as Teachers Day and Christmas coming up, my daughters teacher has a birthday this month too. This will help.xx

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