Singing In The Rain

rain_collWe’ve had rain in Brisbane!  Real rain, with thunder and everything!  Rain to tickle our faces and catch on our tongues.  Rain to brighten the colours of everything in the garden, making it fresh all over again.  Rain to catch in buckets, containers and watering cans.  Rain to gush out of downpipes, overflowing out of little hands.  Rain to create little rivers on the dry ground, perfect for leaf boats.  Rain to sing in, and dance in, and hunt for rainbows in!

Do your children think that a rainy day equals a day stuck inside?  Or, like my kids, do they grab their raincoats and head outside as soon as breakfast is over?  It’s not the first time I’ve blogged about making the most of rainy days, and it probably won’t be the last.  When your kids are at school, wet weather days do mean long days inside.  Teachers can’t deal with twenty-five soggy kids!  But at home you can dry them off, change their clothes, and even make them a warm milo or cheese toastie (our fave).  If you don’t give your kids the chance to play in the rain when they are at home with you, it is an experience they are likely to miss out on.

Hopefully we have more rain to come here in Brissy.  There hasn’t been enough wet stuff yet to turn our brown gardens green, or to make decent sized puddles for gumboots to splash in.  But at least there’s been enough to wash away the remnants of this.


6 thoughts on “Singing In The Rain

  1. We had an inside day today – which is rare when there’s rain about – my kids have always loved playing outside in the rain then rushing in for a warm bath if it’s cool. Now that they are a little older it’s slip and slide on the tramp – they love it!

  2. yep Ella out in the rain and on the trampoline too at 5.30 this morning but a little less clothing than your little one Cath
    we go for nudie rudie expeditions around here. Oh well least its less clothing to bother with washing – too much fun!

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