Rise And Shine (Parenting Aus)

parentingaustralia-majorbluelogowweb-lowresWhat are mornings like in your house?  Mine have certainly changed since becoming a full time mum.  You can read the comparison between getting ready for the day as a teacher, and getting ready for the day with two little kids on my post at Parenting Australia today.  Oh, and yes – the students (and parents) really did call me Mrs O!

If you’d like to share about your own mummy-mornings, feel free to comment here or over at Parenting Australia.

4 thoughts on “Rise And Shine (Parenting Aus)

  1. Is it alright at this point to say that I am really missing the getting up, getting dressed and putting on makeup stuff! My two boys are at school however so it is just me and the overwhelming house to contend with.

  2. @Teresa
    YES! I miss it too. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t get dolled up just for ourselves. I wonder if I’d enjoy the housework more in heels…?

  3. My mornings start at 4.30am, my husbands alarm goes off, he snoozes I’m just awake.

    I laze back stretching thinking about my day, with the rooster crowing in the background.

    I’ll get up and put the kettle on for hubby, crawl back in an we savour our quiet time together – it’s often the only time we have alone – go over each others days – then I do a bit of stretching while hubby gets ready for work.

    As the Kookuburras start their chortling (personally I think they know what I’m in for!) approx 5.30am the onslaught starts –

    It’s up to find uniforms, retrieve lunch packs, sign notes, check emails (I find it funny how many small businesses do work at 3am! It can be a great time to be on forums)

    Put washing on, feed the chooks fetch the eggs, clean up rooms, hang washing up, have breakfast, bake cookies – easiest recipe on in the world now the kids do it! washing up, prepare dinner, do left over homework, give everyone the once over and out the door.

    Sometimes a hair brush and toothbrush is involved!

    Whoa, I might go and have a cup of tea.

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