Natural Weaving

IMG_7905With the weather so delightful at the moment we are making the most of playtimes in our back yard.  All too soon the summer sun will hit with its full force in Queensland and we’ll have to stay inside during the heat of the day.  Today we enjoyed some outdoor art and did natural weaving.

For a backing board we chopped up a cereal box.  I cut nicks evenly down both sides, and wrapped twine around the cardboard.  I secured the twine to the back with tape.  Canvas ready.

Next we collected “long skinny” things from around our back yard.  I had to help with this more than I expected but my three year old got the hang of it (eventually).  We found long leaves, bark, sticks, weeds, grass and best of all – a cockatoo feather!  We also had some wool straight from a sheep’s back in our busy box so we incorporated that too.

IMG_7913Over and under, over and under I helped my daughter to thread each item between the twine.  It wasn’t long before she became frustrated by my “help” and said, “Mummy I CAN do it by my own self!”  Told.  The over and under didn’t always happen perfectly, but that didn’t spoil the overall effect.  I think they turned out rather nicely.  Don’t you?

11 thoughts on “Natural Weaving

  1. This sounds like a great activity for developing fine motor skills too. I’ve heard about Queensland in the summer but we’ve only ever visited in the beautiful winter months. You photos bring the tropics to me.

  2. Weaving is such a relaxing activity I find – children love the repetition of it, or the patterning or something.nice to go on a hunt first to find your materials!
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..The dog game =-.

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