A Little House

IMG_7810Many of our little friends have great cubby houses and forts in their backyards which are lots of fun to visit.  We live on a steep slope, so a wooden structure is unlikely to happen in our yard!  If budget, space or terrain prevents you from building a fort, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t have a cubby.  How about this idea?

We chose a spot in our yard where several trees are grouped together close to the fence.  I ran string around to define the little house, keeping the string line above the height of little heads to avoid injuries!  Then we pegged on old curtains and other fabric to hang down for walls.  Voila!

There are many advantages to this kind of cubby house.  I could easily watch my daughter to ensure her safety while keeping my distance and allowing her the freedom to play independently.  It cost, um, nothing.  The blue curtains were already in the linen cupboard and the other material was in my fabric box.  It took ten minutes tops to set up, and was a cinch to pack up.  The string is still there for next time.  The only downside was that my daughter was a little frustrated by her flimsy walls when the breeze picked up!

We had lunch in the little house.  We read stories in the little house.  We played and giggled and made-believe in the little house.  Everyone should have a little house of their own, don’t you think?  Have your kids built any little cubby houses?

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9 thoughts on “A Little House

  1. I agree, Little Houses are fabulous! A fantastic wet-weather day activity as well when you take off the couch cushions, bring in all the dining chairs, line the floor with doonas and cushions, and make a roof out of sheets. Children love it and they can be different every time to suit the needs of play!

  2. I live on a steep sloped back yard too, so I really love this idea. My nephews and I normally play inside because I never know what to do with the slopey back yard – will definitely give this a go!

    And I love the first comment by Angela. I vividly remember making indoor forts, castles and tents (depending on what game we were playing). Poor mum – her cushions were on the floor more than they were on the couches :-)

  3. Love this idea – so easy, yet encourages the kids to use their imagination.

    My son is still playing with a huge cardboard box – last week it was a car park, today it is his swimming pool.

  4. Yes it is a lovely idea! We used to have a parent hang sheets around the Hills Hoist – that made a lovely big house! We’d use towels to make hallways and different rooms inside. Mum wasn’t happy that we virtually emptied the linen closet but it was fun. :-)

  5. Giving a child their own little space to play in is such a lovely thing to do. I turned our clothesline into a cubby house for one of the play segments I did for Channel 10 earlier in the year. I went hunting at the local op shops and grabbed a couple of sheets for just 50 cents each. These are now our cubby house sheets and it saves washing the ones we actually use on the beds!

  6. Love your idea Cath!

    We use the colourful parachute. It makes a great little house as does playibg under our big square dining table.

    I once heard a good idea……make a cubby that totally covers the dining table. (top + sides) This could easily be sewn together from sturdy fabric with widows and a door added. I’d love to give this a go one day.

    PS I purchased a flower press for my girls on a visit to Bangalow this week. This was inspired by your blog about flat out flora. I owned a flower press as a kid and loved it.

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