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"Ideal Bookshelf 1" print by Jane Mount

I know that soft covers are cheaper, but I just can’t go past hard cover picture books.  I love that their hard exterior protects something special inside.  I love that they have a physical substance to match their literary one.  And I love that they have a spine.

My three year old noticed that there were “words on the side of the book” we chose to read together today, so it seemed a good time to talk about spines.  I read the title of the book on the front cover, following with my finger.  Then I read the same words on the spine, following again.  We talked about how the front cover of the book hides away when we put the book on the bookshelf!  (Oh no!)  I explained that when we have the title of the book on the spine as well, we can still find the book so it will never be lost on the shelf.  (Phew!)

We also talked about how the spine is straight and tall and holds the book up.  My daughter was fascinated when I told her she had a spine too, and showed her where it was.  It’s pretty hard to feel your own spine though, so I had to let her feel mine!  All that before we even opened the book to read.  Perhaps you might like to talk about the spine of a book today with your kids when you read to them.  Older kids might notice more information on the spine.  The three most important bits of information are always there… title, author, publisher.

Speaking of book spines, how gorgeous is this print by Jane Mount?  I contacted Jane and she kindly gave me permission to use her work in this post.  There are so many classics included in this print… from Beatrix Potter’s timeless Tale of Peter Rabbit, to Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, and even my personal favourite of all time, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  If you’re swooning over this print too, you can buy one here.

Tell Jane that SquiggleMum sent you ;)

2 thoughts on “Get A Spine

  1. I love all books but I do love the hard covered picture books.

    All of my kids have loved books but I have to say that Noah is the one who could spend all day having them read to him or even just sitting, leafing through them himself.

    His fave at the moment is The Gruffalo (soft cover). I must say, I quite like it too.

  2. You never do anything in halves. Your kids are so lucky to have such a clever mummy who shares such great ideas.

    We have a few hard cover books on our shelf, they always seem that little bit more special. :D

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