Peg Dollies

img_7359Did you play with old fashioned pegs when you were a kid?  You can still find packs of these wooden pegs at craft stores, and even at cheap shops (where I picked up a packet of 24 for just a few dollars).

I wasn’t sure if my daughter was quite old enough to try this project, but my very creative sister was babysitting while I was at the dentist, so I let them go for it together.  As well as the pegs, I left fabric scraps, coloured felt, pipe cleaners, fabric glue, sequins, string and a permanent marker.  When I came home, I couldn’t believe what a wonderful job they done!  They hadn’t just managed one or two dollies, but a whole family.  With a baby!

My three year old asked to make more dollies throughout the week, and she was able to do them more independently – positioning the fabric herself and just asking for help with the glue.  She also made a house and car for them out of boxes, and happily played with her peg family.  They have now taken up residence in her doll’s house!

img_7350I know this activity is a little bit girly, and a little bit old fashioned, but it was more than a little bit delightful.

PS – thanks Sis.  You’re such a savvy auntie!!

11 thoughts on “Peg Dollies

  1. What a great Idea! I am going to try this with Airlie and let you know how we go with it. I might also show Mason who is 8 because I always worry alot that he spends too much time on the playstation or watching TV (im prob just being a worry wart) but I find myself sounding like my parents telling us to go find something to do and back in their day they didn’t have all these things to keep them busy!
    Great Blog Cath!
    Take Care
    Fee x

  2. We had a ball – I’m not sure who was more excited when Cath brough out the pegs, Miss Three or me!!

  3. Great idea and so cute. As we have no girls, we haven’t really any dolls in the house so this is a great way for “boys” to get a dressing dolls fix too. My oldest loves dressing up and dressing things so he will enjoy this. He has to have sparkles though so our pegs will look a little more “Chorus Line”. lol

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