Badges for Mums

mummybadge-250pxI spent years in Guiding.  I was a Brownie, a Guide, a Ranger Guide and a Ranger.  Yep, I learnt how to tie knots, pitch tents and light campfires.  I earnt all the badges and wore them with pride.

I have wished on more than one occasion that someone would award me a mummy badge.  There are things that I’ve had to learn to deal with as a Mum that have warranted recognition.  Like the other week when I had to remove two deep splinters from a certain little girl’s finger.  Initially I thought amputation might be easier than extraction, but I eventually managed to remove the splinters without distressing my child too much.  She got a special treat for being brave.  And what did I get?  Nothing.  I needed a mummy badge!

I think mummy badges should be awarded the first time you get a child immunised, or the first time you get them to sleep right through the night.  You definitely need a badge the first time you take your child to the ER at 2am.  And don’t you think cooking homemade playdough, or painting with a toddler deserves some recognition?!

So, I’m starting mummy badges for everyone!  If you’ve done something lately that warrants awarding yourself a badge – blog about it and post your badge proudly.  Or give one to someone else if you think they deserve it, or even if they just need some encouragement! You are welcome to copy and use the image on this post, or go to my super-cool Mummy Badge page to send a badge via twitter.

No rules, no need to pass-it-on if you receive one, no obligations, NO CATCH.  This is just an opportunity to acknowledge all the little things we do as mums that are actually a big deal. Let’s celebrate motherhood and encourage each other along!!

15 thoughts on “Badges for Mums

  1. What a cool idea! Another girly guide here that went all the way…all the way to Brownie Leader for, well for a long time.

  2. This is what I miss about having a job, someone was always assessing me and either complimenting or criticising me. I loved being appraised and having someone comment on how well I handled a crisis or managed a meeting. Now no one stops to congratulate me on a supremely efficient nappy change or a brilliant diversion to avoid a tantrum. Sometimes I ask my husband to give me a crit or at least remember to compliment me on my cooking or the clean kitchen, I crave the feedback!

  3. Ah ‘The Mama Badge’ is a bit of an in joke among some of my Mum Friends…. we award each other badges for all kinds of crazy things – the ‘I’ve got a super cook pram badge’ the ‘I only fed my children junk once today’ badge, the ‘I tandem fed for 2 years and it nearly killed me’ badge….

    So back when M was born and I got my very much wanted VBAC I posted this on my blog and put my habd up for a ‘I VBACed and all I got was a baby’ badge!

  4. Oh and PS….
    I award Tiff the ‘I can juggle twenty million parenting balls all at once and still look great with my new hair cut’ badge!

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