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intentionally_blankI’m usually a positive poster – but I need to get this off my chest.

Different mummy bloggers blog about life in different ways.  Some write about the hard stuff.  They share their heavy burdens through their blogs as a way of processing them.  Some write about the good stuff.  They share their successes through their blogs as a way of celebrating them.  Some write about the full spectrum.  But none of us write about all aspects of our life.

I’ve read several criticisms lately about mummy bloggers.  Mostly the comments have been about whether other mums are doing too many activities with their kids, taking them on too many outings, or expecting too much of their skills and abilities.

When you are reading someone’s blog, please remember that you are only seeing a snippet of their life.  I mostly choose to share my good snippets.  I like to be positive, celebrate motherhood and share “ideas and inspiration” for other mums.  I hope that doesn’t mean people read my blog and assume my life is a happy carnival of craft activities, playschool songs, bible stories and outdoor excursions!

I spend an average of twelve hours a day, seven days a week with my kids.  That makes for an 84hr work week!  My life is full of un-bloggy bits.  There are days when we don’t go anywhere.  Days when we are creative and messy with no end product to photograph.  Days when crafts or activities just don’t go to plan.  Days when we run around doing errands and catching up on housework.  Days when my toddler watches too much tv.  Days when I’m grouchy and a very un-fun mum.  (Just ask my friends on twitter…)  I really only blog about the bits that translate well into a photograph, or teach me a life lesson I think is worth sharing.  I write about the bloggy-bits of my life that I think you might like to read.

Mummy bloggers – please don’t judge each other.  We make different choices about our lives and our blogs, but we are all doing the best job we know how to do when it comes to our kids. I didn’t think that needed to be said, but apparently it does.

End rant.

16 thoughts on “Unbloggy Bits

  1. Rant heard, and rant worthy!
    I think (from the very little I know of you from your blog & Twitter) that you are an excellent mum. And I totally agree with you…us mums need to stick together & support each other…’cause as good as we can be at it, some days it’s just plain tough!

  2. Love this post Cath!

    There are good days and bad days. And that is why I am so glad that I’ve started my blog and signed up on Twitter. Great antidote during the really shitty days.

    Mwah to you my beautiful friend.xx

  3. Well ranted :)

    I too am a positive blogger. I try to keep it real too. I hope I get the balance right, and that those who know me in real like can still recognize ME in my blog!

  4. Well said! I just don’t get why Mums need to criticise each other, whether it be blogs, what we do with our kids or if we are a SAHM or Working Mum. Can’t we all just get along and be happy if our kids are well loved, fed and sheltered?

  5. I love what you have written in this Post. Just the other day I blogged about a beautiful time I had with my son at the park. I went home and that evening, I was stressed and cranky and I thought…. I hope I don’t seem like a hypocrite! I not always a fantastic Mum, I often have to say sorry to my children and my life is not all rosy! As you say, it is just a positive snipit. Mostly life is un-bloggy ay.

    Thanks Cath….

  6. Now I am wondering ‘what brought this on” but hey, I am always happy to unload crap off my chest too. People say I am always positive, but that’s because I choose to post stuff like that, trust me, there are many days when I am not feeling that way at all, it’s ok.

    I know myself, I trust myself, I accept and forgive myself, it’s all good.

    Thankyou for also pointing out that you are human, and have a lovely un-bloggy day. xxx

  7. Thanks Cath. It comes back to that great old saying “If you haven’t got anything nice to say…”
    Any mum who is making an effort, taking time out of her insanely busy life to blog, should be celebrated. :-)

  8. really? you mean your life isn’t all cup cakes and craft projects? But I am so disapointed….. LOL
    I think that is really the whole point of ‘personal’ blogging – you blog what feels right to you at the time. Happy, Sad, in between.. who cares. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

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