Playpen Perfect

img_7475I’m a big fan of the playpen.  I know some parents feel that limiting a child’s physical environment is harsh, or even cruel, but I disagree.  I think that planned, independent play in a small, safe area is really important for healthy development.  I also think that playpens are incredibly helpful when you’ve got a busy little crawler or new walker on your hands.  (Of course, it goes without saying that leaving a child in a playpen all day does not make for a happy child or warrant a mother-of-the-year award!)

I’d like to write about how we use the playpen….

I’d like to share my thoughts on the importance of kids being able to play on their own for short bursts of time without needing to be “entertained” by mum, or the tv, or anyone else.  I’d like to remind parents that the world is a very big place to a very small child, and sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Children can relax when they have clearly defined boundaries.  I’d like to reinforce my belief that it’s good for kids to be limited to just a few toys of mum’s choosing at times.  In life you can’t always have everything you want.img_7586

I’d like to write about how having a playpen means I can pop to the bathroom (which is up a flight of stairs) all by myself, or duck outside to grab the washing.  I’d like to tell you about how I can move the playpen around so that my little man can safely be in the same room with me while I’m cooking or crafting (or blogging).

I’d like to, but I can’t.  I can’t because today my little man busted out.  Broke free.  Escaped.  The connectors are completely shattered.  In several places.

Just perfect.  *sigh*

Now how am I going to go to the loo in peace…?!img_7578


Last week I posted about the Unbloggy Bits of life, which inspired Kate to start up The Perfectly Imperfect Life Challenge on her blog.  If you’d like to read about other imperfect mums, imperfect homes or imperfect days – head to Picklebums for a look.

20 thoughts on “Playpen Perfect

  1. oh dear…. can’t help it… I’m giggling. We tried a play pen once with our girls when they were just crawling. Took them 2 minutes to figure out if one lifted up the side the other could crawl out! So I feel your pain! We went with the ‘safe room’ option instead.. until they grew tall enough to reach the door handles!!

  2. You make me laugh. This is great. Would you like to borrow a port a cot. I have two. and whats this go to the loo in peace business. does that really happen? still lauging. :)

  3. haha .. I still don’t go to the loo in peace .. my 11 year still finds that he needs to ask something at that exact point in time .. what is it with that?

  4. lmao! You gotta love kids! When Erin was smaller we used the portacot to keep Erin contained while I cooked (especially) when we couldn’t block the kitchen off (open plan living).

  5. I love the playpen!

    It was good that the crawling baby was in there when Scott locked me out of the house before he went to work after kissing me goodbye while I was hanging out the clothes in the backyard…the baby was screaming but at least she was safe!

  6. We made our playroom into a giant playpen with gates on both doorways. It is part of our open central living area so I can keep tabs on what the kids are doing there…sometimes all three are there. It is essential for me since I have two that are now climbing on EVERYTHING. Hope you find a plan B soon!

  7. OH NO, I did not need to read this post. .:sticking fingers in my ears and repeating:. it will not happen to will not happen to will not happen to me

  8. I’ve never used a play pen for containing my kids, but I have used one very successfully for fencing in our Christmas tree! I pull out the play pen each year to prevent my littlies from breaking the baubles and pulling the tree onto themselves.

  9. Yes, yes, thank you very much you lot! I can see you’re all sooooo sympathetic. I have now put our portacot in the loungeroom. It’s not nearly the same, and I can only plonk him in there for very short bursts of time, but at least I can still go to the bathroom unaccompanied! LOL

  10. Really made me laugh, thanks.

    Reminded me of when mine tried to undo the stairgate with his toy hammer. Bang squeak, bang squeak! Sometimes nothing keeps them where you put them!

  11. I found my playpen/travel cot most useful when I had a two year old and baby.

    I used the playpen for the BABY – she could doze in peace without risk of “extra love” in the form of kisses, hugs and being buried under a tonne of toys from her well meaning big sister!

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