Little Miss Three


The much requested Strawberry Cake

My daughter always seems ready to embrace the next stage in life long before I am.  She was on the go before I was ready for her to crawl.  She was walking before I had good shoes for her little feet.  She climbed out of the cot before we had bought a single bed for her to move to.  You get the idea.  Today my little munchkin turned three.  She’s ready.  I’m not.

Three is the end of being a toddler.  I just got used to saying I have a baby and a toddler.  What do I have now?  She’s not a kid yet.  She’s still little.  Three is still little!  She still needs help with a knife and fork.  She still needs help climbing out of the bathtub.  She still needs someone to do up her buttons, brush her teeth and tie her pigtails.  She’s still little!!!

I guess if she’s ok with being somewhere between a toddler and a kid, I should be ok with that too.  Really it’s a special time, because she’s just big enough to be independent, and just little enough to still need her Mummy.  And I have a feeling this phase won’t last long.   I only have the rest of this year with her at home before she’ll be off to kindy!

So here’s to Little Miss Three: my big little Mummy’s girl.  There’s a part of me that hopes she never completely grows up.

13 thoughts on “Little Miss Three

  1. What a lovely cake that is! I feel so happy to see your little princess blowing the candle. Its even sweeter that her dress is pink and matches her birthday cake!

    You are right. Three sounds like a big number but she is at a phase where she is at the end of being a toddler.

    I am sure as she grows up she is going to love her moments with you more and more, touchwood. God bless.

  2. You are letting go better than I am. We have not introduced a knife yet, spoon and fork are working well for me. And Kindy Im not ready for that, poor thing will be thrown cold turkey into prep I think. Im not ready!

  3. I know how you feel! I had this feeling back in Feb with my ‘baby’ (at the time) turning 3, and I must say in the last 3 months I have noticed he is a ‘real little boy’ now and I can see he is growing up. Like you, I’m a believer in embracing the moment. They don’t stay ‘little’ for long. Happy Birthday to your little girl and the cake shape looks perfect!

  4. My oldest is turning 4 next month and I remember thinking exactly your thoughts when he was turning 3! He is very much a little man now but still needs his mum as much as ever. (thanks goodness I say!!)
    Happy Birthday to your (very cute!) little girl. :-)

  5. They never grow up missy, I still have my 2 babies. What a joy to read, both your comments and your respondants.

    Love Dad

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