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Congratulations Nicole!  You have won a $25 voucher to spend at Little Billies.  I’m sure your kids will enjoy their special chart, whatever you choose!  (Please note that birthday messages and general chit-chat comments were not counted below.  Only the 24 legitimate entries were counted).  I wish I could have given more away!  I’m heading over to Little Billies now to purchase a morning chart to go with our evening one…!LB_winner


It’s my birthday!!  Getting presents is fun, but I think I get more of a buzz from giving them.  So what better time for a give away?!

I don’t know about you, but the late afternoon is the most challenging time of day for me with the kids.  My three year old no longer naps in the middle of the day so she fades by about 4:30pm, just as my ten month old hits grumble o’clock.  Navigating the stretch from dinner time to bed time can be treacherous!  My hubby usually makes it home just in time to kiss the kids goodnight, but I’m sailing solo until then.

The evening routine chart from Little Billies has been a great help since we received it recently.  (As a teacher turned SAHM I’m a big fan of schedules!)  The magnetic chart helps my tired toddler to stay on track with everything that she needs to do.  I’ve had far less hassle getting her to help with packing up toys at the end of the day because it’s the first job on her chart and she loves sliding the arrow along as we complete each step!  Using the chart helps me to nag less and encourage more.

The lovely Sarah from Little Billies is giving away a $25 gift card, which will allow one reader to select a chart of your choice, personalised for your kids!  You can choose a routine chart, reward chart, schedule or even piggy bank chart!  All of the Little Billies positive parenting tools come with a helpful handout brochure full of hints and tips too.

To enter this giveaway, pop on over to Little Billies and subscribe to their newsletter.  (Your inbox won’t be flooded with junk – the newsletter is just a monthly update at most!)  Leave a comment below to let me know you’ve subscribed.

If you’d like a second entry, leave a separate comment with a suggestion for the new jobs chart!  Which jobs do you expect your kids to do around the house…?

littlebilliesThe giveaway is open to Aussie residents, and the winner will be drawn randomly on Friday 28th August 2009.  I’d love you to get behind Sarah by entering this comp. She’s a great gal who genuinely wants to support Aussie families.

38 thoughts on “Little Billies Giveaway!

  1. happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Cath
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Hip Hip Hooray

  2. Best wishes for the day Cath , hope you get a chance to put your feet up with a cuppa.

    subscription done.

  3. At this stage it isn’t a job I expect her to do, rather I encourage my 3 year to set the table. It’s great to have everyone involved in preparing meals.

  4. Also, this one caught me by surprise, but my daughter likes running things out to the mulch pile: corn husks, potato peels, etc. Good for me, because it’s not my favorite chore…

  5. Jobs
    What ever she is capable of. today sorted and folded the washing. Put clothes away, helped put dishes in the draw. :) Luckily my little helper enjoys jobs :)

  6. As for jobs, my 3 y.o. son loves vacuuming and cleaning the shower alongside me. He also loves gardening he will collect our vegies, rake leaves, spread mulch or water plants.

  7. I’ve just found your blog and I’ve subscribed to Little Billies. The charts look really good. I’ve tried various charts over the years but at the moment with a 6 year old and 8 year old boy I find that their “currency” is screen time so we allocate a a certain number of minutes screen time to each job that needs doing. I’m thinking about changing it to something pocket money based so that they can learn to save up for things.

  8. I have just discovered you site and blog. I have subscribed to Little Billies, don’t you just love these charts! What a great invention.
    Hope you have a great Birthday, one year on, one more special year you shared your love with everyone.

  9. I would like to see an addition to the jobs chart that as a added bonus there is a little picture of kids hugging and two kids smiling. It could mean did you give a hug to someone today (maybe mum or dad or friend in the playground fell over) and did you share a smile with someone today. They don’t have to be done everyday but it is a nice way to say, that was a kind thing you did.

  10. Have subscribed!
    Great idea. I agree they look, and work, much better than my homemade ones! Looking forward to getting some charts for work! Will make it all so much easier. Added bonus if I win one :)

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