With Joy

MUM-MY!  He’s throwing sand with joy!”  My daughter was not impressed with her little brother.  And while I’m not a fan of kids throwing sand, I couldn’t help but laugh.  Her choice of words was just so… so… funny, and so accurate.  He wasn’t throwing sand with any malice.  He wasn’t trying to hurt his sister, or get it in her eyes, or annoy her in any way.  He was simply delighting in tossing it into the air and watching it land.

Her phrase stuck with me for days.  With joy.  I consider myself a joyful person, but I wonder how much of life I truly do with joy…?  Do I write with joy?  Do I clean with joy?  Do I cook with joy?  Do I parent with joy?  Maybe sometimes, but not always.

I don’t think that joy = happiness.  I don’t have to be over the moon about housework necessarily, but I can still approach it with a joyful spirit.  Sometimes I’ll admit my attitude needs a readjustment.  This week, I got one from my kids.

“Be joyful always.”  (1 Thess 5:16)

15 thoughts on “With Joy

  1. I love it! Sometimes my children also throw sand (or do something else I don’t want them to do) “with joy”. Encouraging reminder for us to be joyful in what God has given us to do.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..What do you do? =-.

  2. I have to admit my little one loves to throw sand ‘with joy’…and I unfortunately tend to approach the occurrance with ‘less than joy’…My adult spirit thinks about the sand that doesn’t come out of curly hair for a week and the sand that gets into nooks and crannys and I’m sure will be very uncomfortable – although I have never had any complaints from little miss 20 months…Thanks Cath for reminding me to be joyful in all things – even sandy hair :D

  3. Thanks for this post Cath. We sure can learn a lot from our little ones. We often joke that my youngest’s attitude is “hooray for everything!” I love this about her and encourage my kids to try and see the positive in every situation. I should do the same!

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