Love Is A Verb

1100035_23998660A mum I know just moved in around the corner with her two young children.  Moving is tough with kids, so I cooked dinner for my new neighbour and dropped it off late in the afternoon.  It was only a simple meal, but I included some bread, a fruit basket, disposable plates and forks (who wants to wash up when you’ve got boxes everywhere) and a card.  And my friend was grateful.

I didn’t do it so that I could blog about it and get nice comments (though you are welcome to leave one).  I didn’t do it so that I could tweet about my RAOK (though it might make an appearance on twitter).  I didn’t do it to make myself feel good (though that is an added bonus).  I didn’t do it out of obligation, or because I believe in karma, or even just to be nice.  I’m not saying those reasons are necessarily wrong reasons, they’re just not my reasons.

I did it because there is a passage in the bible about love that says we should share with people who are in need, and practice hospitality (Romans 12:13).  I’ve been on the receiving end of that kind of love, and I want to pass it on.  I also want to teach my kids about love.  I want them to know what it truly means to love people, and I want to show them that love is a verb.

11 thoughts on “Love Is A Verb

  1. Lovely thing to do! (That was your nice comment) :)

    I agree with so much of this – it is the simple little things, done form the heart, that will mean so much to others.

    PS – did you nibble out the heart of the bread that you gave her too? LOL!!!

  2. “I also want to teach my kids about love. I want them to know what it truly means to love people, and I want to show them that love is a verb.” Young kids learn so much from actions as opposed to just words.

    I have been on the receiving end of such hospitality and when returning it to others try to have the kids participate if possible, so they can really understand what it is all about.

  3. That is so lovely of you Cath. At a time when we are really struggling with our neighbour, I am thinking I might move into your neck of the woods too!

  4. Lovely idea for you and the kids to do together Cath. I’m sure the new neighbours felt care and love from your package : )

  5. My Mum used to do this all the time too, so I picked up the habit. Not so much for new neighbours now (we’re the newest in the neighbourhood), but for people we know who are moving, I’ll show up on moving day with dinner :)
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Not just childs play =-.

  6. When we moved to Wagga many years ago, we had a lovely lady do the same thing for us. She made a hamper up of paper plates, plastic cutlery, orange juice, coffee and sugar, milk and a yummy chicken casserole. We were so moved by this act of generosity. It made our first day in a new town, something to remember instead of a horrid day not being able to find anything in the boxes. It picked our spirits up no end. Good on you Catherine. I’m very proud of you.

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