Gifts that Give

Did you catch The 7pm Project last night?  They ran a story on giving gifts like goats instead of spending billions of dollars on, well, stuff.

I blogged about gifts of Compassion a couple of months ago but I’m more than happy to mention them again because they are a charity and ministry I truly believe in.  I also truly believe most of us have more stuff than we could possibly need, while others have barely the necessities.  If you are still after a few last minute gifts for hard-to-buy-for rellies, try one of these ideas.  Put a Compassion card with a small present for a gift that gives twice.  A little something for your relative or friend, and something for someone in true need as well.  Isn’t that a win-win situation?


Put together an eggy breakfast pack.  Try a ceramic egg crate, a whisk, egg cups and cloth napkins for a sweet and useful gift.  Attach your Compassion card for a chicken (or chickens) for a family in need.


Give a gorgeous fruit basket full of this season’s best produce.  Wrap up with a large sheet of clear cellophane and tie with a huge ribbon.  Alternatively, buy some herb seedlings and plant them in a cute kitchen planter box.  Attach a Compassion card for vegetable seeds to either gift.


For a guy who loves his wheels why not give the current UBD or Referdex (or whatever it is called in your state)!  Or, you could give a car care kit with waterless wash, chamois, etc in a bucket.  Attach the Compassion card for a taxi licence to your gift.  Done.


Stationery always makes a fabulous gift because it is useful and needs replacing often!  Kikki-k is a favourite of mine, but there are plenty of other wonderful Aussie designers you can buy from online too.  Attach a Compassion card for educational supplies that will mean a child can attend school.  Education is a true gift indeed.

There are plenty of other gifts, including goats, available on Compassion’s site.

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  1. Great idea Cath. PS Kikki K recently opened here on the coast. Dangerous!!!! Have avoided temptation so far

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