Water Spray Play

Spray bottles are a regular play item in our backyard during the warmer months, but with Autumn in the air it’s been a little too cool for this:

So instead I’ve been encouraging the kids to use the spray bottles differently. They’ve enjoyed using them to water in new plants, and lightly mist delicate fern leaves.  They’ve had fun squirting them high into the air.  Most of all, we’ve enjoyed creating water spray art together.  We didn’t set out to “do” this activity.  It just happened naturally out of playful exploration.  The first successful picture Miss 4 made was this one (below). I thought it was delightful and quickly snapped a pic:

Then we collected sticks and leaves, and talked about which items in the backyard would work well for water spray pictures.  We created this artwork together.  I took a photo of the natural set up first, then we sprayed our water bottles over the top, and removed the objects to reveal our art.

All sorts of wonderful art followed, including this little masterpiece of a person.  It was created with rocks for the head and body, and leaves for arms and legs.  Miss 4 was so proud of herself when she finally achieved a recognisable person!

The kids don’t know it, of course, but this is actually very similar to a method used by indigenous Australians when painting on cave walls.  Instead of a spray bottle, the Aboriginal people mixed the ochre-and-water paint in their mouths, and spat it onto the rock.  Often they used their own hand as a stencil. You can read more about Aboriginal Art here.

8 thoughts on “Water Spray Play

  1. Fantastic idea, and I love it happened by accident. We have done some painting with water and a paintbrush on cement but didn’t think to take spray bottles outside.

  2. Great post!
    Up here in Cairns we are just looking forward to the end of the wet season. Totally sick of the rain, at least it is hot though.
    We had a recent party and enjoyed the traditional polythene, water and hose slide!

    Awesome fun all round.

    Feel free to drop past our kid friendly blog with ideas of resources when you have a chance.


  3. This is an awesome site which I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting. There are some great ideas for activities, and wonderful tips and resources shared in here. It is clean, inviting and easy to get around.
    Congratulations on a truly wonderful and inspiring site. I will certainly be returning often.

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